Reconstruction without implants

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone can offer any thoughts or experience around reconstruction. I am due to have delayed reconstruction in 6-8months time. I don’t particularly want implants (altho i may be making that judgments based on outdated information from the Internet). If possible I would like reconstruction from my own body tissue but at the same time I am really keen to get back to the gym and get my fitness back and loose some weight, I’m currently around 11st (size 12-14) and wud like to get back to around 10st (size 10). Does anyone know have any experience with the pros and cons of keeping the weight on for reconstruction usage versus loosing the weight and feeling better about myself and fitter in the immediate future. I also unsure about whether muscle as well as fat and tissue would be needes for reconstruction without implanta and whether this would then having affects on my ability to keep up with my gym work/fitness post recovery. Any thoughtS/advice wud be appreciated.

Thanks xx

Hi. I can only go by my experience.  I chose to have a diep reconstruction which does not use any muscle.  My surgeon was not sure if I would have enough fat and tissue to do this and he may need to take some muscle as well. I told him I would rather have a smaller breast and not have muscle taken but at the end of the day I would leave it up to him to do what he thought was necessary.  He would only know this once he had started operating. When you have a breast formed from your own tissue my understanding is that it will respond like your natural breast growing and shrinking as you gain and lose weight. So long as you enough fat and tissue at the start I don’t see any reason why you can’t lose some weight and get as fit as you can.  I weighed 10st at the time of my operation.  Please talk to your surgeon and or bc nurse about this though as everyone is different.  I am now 8 weeks post surgery and other than a bit of fluid build up in the first 2 weeks in my tummy area am almost back to normal.  Need to build up my fitness again but hopefully that is only a matter of time.   I had no muscle taken thanks to my brilliant surgeon and my new breast feels very natural.  By the way, I had dcis grade 3 and after 3 previous ops where they tried to conserve my breast and failed to clear the margins had masectomy and reconstruction at the same time.  Have now been given the all clear and don’t need any further treatment which is a great relief after such a rollercoaster year.  I believe the diep reconstruction is the only one that does not take muscle when using body tissue.  There is a lot of information on this site plus else other sites about all the different types of reconstruction and I must have spent days reading everything I could before making a decision.  If you want to ask me anything else I’m really happy to give you any information you want regarding my experience.  Mine was done on NHS and can’t praise everyone enough.  Had superb treatment and even a private room with ensuite when having the diep operation.

Wishing you all the best I’m sure you will make the right decision that is best for you. X

Thanks for your reply, think I will try and make an appointment to discuss all my options soon, start radiotherapy on 13th Jan then have to wait at least 6months for reconstruction. Am just really keen to get back on my weightloss/fitness journey which I’d only started a little time before my diagnosis so it was all put on hold for a while. I am keen to not have implant or muscle used so sounds like I do need an appointment to find out the details and whether if risk not being able to have the reconstruction I want if I loose a stone or more in weight xx