hiya all was hoping someone can help me…i had double mastectomy in 2006 and have had 4 sets of implants so far because of capsular constriction…in june 2010 my ps changed them again only one was higher by about 3 inches so after complaining he agreed to move one down, when i came around my right breast was folded in two. i complained again (very upset my now) and he agreed eventually to change the implant…i then developed an infection and had to have implant removed. left with a gaping hole and a vac pump fitted for 2 mths, then had to go in again to have the cavity claened and the hole stitched up!!! sorry about all the history but it is relavent, he has now offered to reconstruct using tissue from my back…my question is will it match my left breast? as this is still an implant, has anyone had this surgery with an implant on one side? i hope you can help as i really dont want to keep ending up back in hospital have been in pain now since june last year and still off work…thanks and sorry for dribbling on