Hi, Has anyone out there been pleased with there reconstruction? Im due to have a Latissimus Dorsi plus a inplant. Its been over a year since my mx, and finished chemo March 2011. Would be greatfull for some feed back. Due to have this done within the next 6 weeks.

Hi Tiger,

I had mx and axillary clearance in Dec 2006. I thought I would manage with a prosthesis, but I hated it. As the years passed I thought more about reconstruction. I saw a plastic surgeon and he decided to do a Tram Flap reconstruction. I went ahead with the op in Dec 2010. It was a big op, 10 hours, the biggest hurdle was getting over the aneasthetic. I am not very good with them. My op went very well, with excellent results, pain actually wasnt too bad, just a few days on strong painkillers, then onto paracetomol. I am very glad I had the op. I am due to have an uplift on the good side. Though their is really only a small difference. My plastic surgeon was very good. Best thing I have done, makes me feel a lot better about my self.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps

Carolyn x

I had an LD reconstruction with a small implant in May this year and I’m very pleased with it. Big operation but to be honest I can’t say I was in any pain, discomfort for a few weeks but no pain. It’s very important to do your arm exercises to get full movement back. I didn’t drive or do much (except arm exercises) for 6 weeks and I’m sure that aided my quick recovery. I now swim 30 lengths 4 times a week, go to the gym attend a yoga class and go to spinning classes. I have still to get my nipple reconstruction done but hopefully I won’t be waiting too much longer.

Good Luck.

I had an Ld recon with implant last year, nipple & tattoo done this year. Brilliant, would recommend it to anyone.

i had ld flap with expander in april,just had inplant and i love itx

I had a WLE Nov 07, breast reduction on other side a year later. BUT i went on to shrink…I believe due to rads. Saw a surgeon last Dec and had a LD flap partial recon in March. My tidy up was done 12th Oct. A big job but well worth it. I look in the mirror and smile. The disease is not staring back at me now (so rudely anyway). Mine was a non text book job as he said, but my boob def looks main stream now, and more importantly isn’t a bad match to the other so my clothes don’t twist.
I was back in work in just under 5 weeks with muscle move…I’m going back on Monday after the tidy up.
The disease took so much of me (emotionally), I refuse point blank to give it anything it doesn’t need to have! This includes a semblance of my right boob and the confidence in clothes that comes with it.
We are all different and need to respect everyone’s views and beliefs, but as you ask, “Go for it… start looking forward and not backwards, over your shoulder”
Love and empathy

Thank you all so much for your replies, feel so much more confident to have this done now.Due to see my Plastic Surgeon on Tues, to finalise the details and hopefully he will give me the date for the op.Should be done before xmas,if that is the case guess what will be TOP on my xmas list? Yep a pretty bra. Thanks again girls take care
Tiger x

Hello Tiger, I had an LD flap done 22 years ago and I am still pleased with it. I did have it done after chemo, to reduce the large tumour, and had the LD flap done the same time as my mastectomy.
It still looks good and the scarring is pale and cannot be seen when I am wearing my bra. Only thing is I am 22 years older and the other breast is heading south! But not planning on having any surgery done am pleased to live with it now. Hope your op goes well and that you are pleased with the results too. Wishing you all the best and that you have a speedy recovery. Val

Hey Tiger - I wish you a speedy recovery! Keep doing yoga - but I think there are certain postures that you might need to avoid/take more care with - like forward bends and sideward spinal twists which can be quite hard on the breast areas. It might be good to get tutor by an advanced yoga instructor or have a look at online resources!

I am trying to find information about Cohesive Breast Implants aka “Gummy Bear” implants. Apparently they are being used in Europe and not approved in the states however there are doctors that are conducting clinical tests.

I’d really like to talk to someone that has them. Thank you.


Hi Ladies, I am having bi-lateral mastectomy next Friday with imm recon LD flap. Reading these comments have made me feel so much better. Am really nervous about op, BC diagnosed in both breasts 3 years ago and since been diag as BRCA2 carrier so my decision to have mastectomy. I too am determined to give no more to this disease, also had endometrial cancer 6 years ago. I don’t know how I will feel after this but one thing I do know this forum has helped me so much in the past 3 years xx

Good luck Brenda
I had an mx and LD flap recon in Jan and I’m very pleased with the result.

I am also very pleased with the result of my MX and LD immediate recon.
Hope it all goes well for you x

Thanks ladies positive comments are so helpful xxx

Thought of you today. Big job, but stay focused on your recovery and stay strong. Hoping this starts a more positive chapter in your life.
Love and empathy.


Thank You Blessing, counting down the days now. x

Well my reconstruction did not go ahead on the 19th Dec. Was told its not urgent!!! Its not them that’s has to go around with one boob, and an uncomfortable prothesis.
My surgeon has now decided to change the procedure (that is when he decides to do it) to an expander first and then the implant about 5 months down the road, so that will take me into the summer and 2 yrs since my masectomy. ( That is of course if it gets done in Feb /March)
Im so feed up being told one thing and then it all gets change. I am now feeling so low and miserable, I just want to put this all behind me.
Sorry about moaning, but Im so feed up with it all, just had to get out of my system.

Oh dear tiger, and after you had researched and psyched yourself up for it!
I was under the impression that NICE guidelines say that every woman has the right to choose which type of recon to have, provided it is clinically suitable. So unless your health or condition has changed, your choice of recon should be respected. You could ask your GP to refer you to another surgeon or another hospital.

I do know that due to pressures on lists, ladies waiting for recon surgery do tend ti get bumped down lists to fit in people needing mx with recon, I was in this position. It isn’t a reason to deny you your best option!!

Have you asked why the change Tiger?

Are you happy that you’ll get the right cosmetic outcome with the new approach?

Nonsuch is right - you don’t have to settle for second best. Even if you have to wait a bit - you will be living with your ‘new’ boob for a long time!


Well here I am again!!! Another month and a half has passed and I am still waiting for a date for my reconstruction. Im just so feed up with it all, cant draw a line under this awful disease I have been fighting. Why should I have to wait so long for this op? I finished my chemo a year ago come 3rd March, and I still am no further in getting this op done. Do I ask to change the surgeon, he only works at the hospital every other week, my breast sister also only works two days a week. I leave messages on voice mail no one gets back. I feel like tearing my hair out, but it has taken to long to grow it back, so will not do that.