Hi, anyone out there can tell me there story of reconstruction?
I had three op’s last year, followed by chemo and radiotherapy .
I have seen my surgeon and talked about the reconstruction op from my back, he has also set up an appointment to speak to plastic surgeons to discuss op from tummy. Are there any ladies out there that can tell me there stories of reconstruction, how they coped, how long it took, recovery etc. I would be very grateful. I am 51 and live in hinckley, leicestershire. Michelle. X

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Whilst you await replies from your fellow users with their experiences, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any queries or concerns you have as they all have personal or professional experiences of breast cancer and can offer you support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays. our team can also talk to you about our One to one support service whereby you can speak to others who have had similar experiences by email or telephone, you will find more information about this and other support services from BCC here:

You may also find the following link useful to the BCC reconstruction information and animated guide:

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Helo Michelle. A reply from the US. Am currently going thru a DIEP reconstruction for left breast. This is the one where fat and skin are moved from lower belly ( in a football shape) to the breast area above. It is quite time consuming and involved since they must also move and re-attach blood vessels from belly to neck and chest. My surgery took about ten and a half hours. I remained in the hospital for 4 full days and was released on the 5th. I happened to do very well. The most difficult part for me was the belly pain for the first ten days. You will be sent home with 4 to 6 drains. The removal of these drains is extremely painful but lasts less than a minute to remove them all. After the drains are removed, if there is no sign of infection, healing goes pretty quickly. If you have a recliner chair, plan to spend about a week to ten days in it. Yes, nights too. I am now 8 wks post op and feel great! If you have a surgeon as good as mine is ( my oncologist refers to him as “a genious” after watching him perform the procedure for 8 hours), you will be amazed at how tight and beautiful your tummy is! I was cut from hipbone to hipbone, and got a new navel. I did not have enough belly fat to fully do the job, however, (surprising since I thought I’d have plenty) so now I will have to choose another area for more fat. I’m thinking inner thighs. I had no problems with infection, however, am dealing with an area of hardened fat that seems to want to gravitate toward my chin. Although not painful, it is bothersome. During next surgery they will simply suck it out. I waited 8 years for my reconstruction as other family members need attention ahead of me. I am 55 years old and hope some of my story helps you. I feel it is all worth it. Good luck to you!