I’m having a mastectomy but need to choose between implant or from my back. Can people let me know there experiences as I’m so confused. Thank you x

Sometimes if the muscle from your back is not big enough you would get both a small implant and the LD flap muscle sits on top of it.  Has that idea been suggested to you at all? It all depends on the size of breast that needs replicated. If you opted for an implant I would imagine you would keep your own breast skin and nipple, whereas if you had the LD flap then you would lose these. The LD operation is certainly do-able so it is something to consider, however if you are not very big then an implant may be the easier choice. I have both so it is hard for me to imagine one without the other! Please feel free to PM me if you need any more details - just click on a members name to send a message.

Hope this is a bit of a help to you, I am sure others will be on to share their experiences too,

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K M x

Hi Ceri1 and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure the support will be a great help

Please also feel free to give our helpliners a call to talk things through on 0808 800 6000, lines opens 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays. Our helpliners can speak to you about our ‘Someone like me’ service whereby you can email or talk to others who have had similar concerns so please ask about this, here’s more information about this and our other support services:

I am posting a link to the BCC reconstruction information which includes an animated guide, hope this helps towards your decision making:

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Hi Ceri, I believe one of the biggest differences is in the recovery time. The LD flap (from your back) is a much bigger op than implant only, which, my plastic surgeon told me, can usually be done in day surgery. But I believe there is a better result when using your own tissue. I had a bilateral mastectomy with LD flap reconstruction plus implants in January and if you would like to message me with any specific questions I’m more than happy to answer anything. It is a very confusing time!! I had two weeks between seeing my surgeon & the op so not a lot of time to think about it … not sure still if that was good or bad!!

I had a right side mastectomy with immediate Ld flap reconstruction and no implant a month ago.
I was up and about doing reasonably normal things within a week or so and was back to work after three weeks. I appear to be a quick healer tho.
My back does have a line across it where I was cut and i have had to have it drained once and it’s still a bit fluidly but I think I have turned a corner with that. It feels tight tho and probably will for a while.
I was in hospital for only two nights and came out with two drains which were emptied every day by the district nurses. One drain was taken out after a couple of days and the other came out after a week.
My new boob looked big to start with and slowly it’s softening up and pretty much matches my other one now except for my lack of nipple!
Anything else you want to know?

Hi Ceri1
I had bi mx with immediate LD recon 8 weeks ago. Because I’ve previously had radiotherapy on one side I wasn’t suitable for implants as the skin doesn’t stretch so well after radio. I’m fairly small anyway and have ended up with similar size but more pert(!!) and am still not back to work but I am a nursery teacher and was told by my BCN that I would need up to 4 months recuperation. My back feels tight and indeed to do daily stretching exercises and I have long scars on both sides of my back but they’re healing well. I was in hospital for 5 nights and came home with 2 drains which I emptied myself. Let me know if there’s anything else you need/ want to know. Xx

I have had bilat mastectomies with expandable implants and strattice reconstruction. Currently 18days post surgery.
Was told that radiotherapy could damage the implants by scarring, and would not know definately whether radiotherapy was necessary until after the op and clear margins. Could not use abdominal muscle because previous surgery.
I chose keep the LD flap as my backup if I need further reconstruction or surgery later
Still have a seroma - more on the right then the left ( as the right was operated on twice in10days)
The strattice is pretty sore - but improving
Pain control up and down but manageable- some days use paracetamol on its own 1-2 in 24hrs
The end result I think will be fine but size is unlikely to my original , ? Max 34B/C. Which is fine - prefer to be smaller
The plan should be to match your other breast - if small/medium then implant would be fine, if bigger than LD flap, the person to advice is your surgeon
Hope this helps