Hi I’m new to this site,i had a mastectomy last July and have now decided I’m ready to have reconstructive surgery with an implant preferably a saline one,i would love to hear off anyone who has undergone this procedure

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Hi Raffi,welcome to the forum .Sorry you haven’t had a reply as yet ,hopefully someone will be along soon who can give you the benefit of their experience .Maybe worth posting this in the “moving forward after breast cancer” section too where there are likely to be more ladies who are post treatment. Best wishes .Jill

Hi Raffi

i hope somebody that has had an implant comes along soon to help you. i wasn’t suitable for an implant reconstruction as I’d had radiotherapy which can sometimes cause problems with the implant capsulating.  I was offered a Tug flap reconstruction in October and am delighted with the results.  I was never bothered by my mastectomy but found it difficult living lopsided with one very droopy boob.  I originally wanted another mastectomy to balance me up but was asked to look into reconstruction options.  There is a great charity called keeping abreast and they do show and tell sessions where you can go along and see the results and chat to at least 8 ladies that have had different types of reconstruction.  I found this evening to be so informative and it helped me decide to go ahead with my reconstruction.  As a result I have an amazing soft, warm, squidgy pert new boobie and will be getting the other breast uplifted and reduced next month so I have a matching pair.  Good luck for the future. X

Hi Raffi, I had an mx with immediate reconstruction using an implant 2 years ago today! The implant did take some getting used to as initially it feels a bit like having a football strapped to your chest but I can say that now I hardly notice it and the cosmetic result was very good. Initially I wasn’t going to bother but I am really glad I did as its good not to be lop sided! (Though the new boob is much less droopy than the real one!) I know that eventually it will have to be replaced but the surgeon said they can last between 10 and 15 years so I’m not worrying about that at this point! The hospital I attended had a file showing before and after photos which was useful to see. Good luck! Xx