Hello all - Had a mastectomy and instant reconstruction in March 2005. Two and a half years later I am still suffering from pain in the scar area on my back. I find it extremely difficult to wear any under clothese (bra or camisole) for any length of time which is a little embarrasing at work. I work until 3.00 p.m. and cant wait to get home to take the camisole off as it is so painful, it’s like its cutting into my back even though I buy larger camisoles than I need so they are extremely loose. I saw the Consultant last Thursday but I don’t think she believed me when I was trying to tell her how painful it was. She did have to drain it as there was a build up of fluid after 2 and a half years!! I am quite slim on the top so theres not much fat which I suppose would help but I really don’t know what is causing the pain and what to do. Has anyone a similar situation and if so what advice please?


Hi Chrissie

I had my LD immediate reconstruction 2 years ago and I find I get discomfort verging on pain around the scar on my back. Not all the time, I find I can only wear certain bras, strangely enough the cheap type I bought to take into hospital with me are just about the only ones I am relatively comfortable in, when I try wearing different ones I wish I hadn’t, and as for under wire, no chance. I know what you mean about feeling as if something is cutting into your back, I also find wearing a larger size doesn’t help.

I am surprised to hear you are still getting fluid build up after so long, I had to have my back drained for 6 weeks, after my op, but since then nothing, have they said this can be normal.

Overall I am happy with the results and have decided its just something I am going to have to live with, wish I had some advise but can only sympathize, maybe someone else will come along and be more helpful.

Best wishes