I had right mastectomy march 2014 in November 2017!I had implant reconstruction removed due to bad infection since then I have been depressed and gained lots of weight 5 stones. I cannot be considered for reconstruction until I get the weight off. I am finding it so hard living lopsided I have low self esteem no body confidence I am single & will not consider dating anyone as I feel so bad. I take letrozole & suffer really painful joints I just manage to walk about & do daily tasks but suffer so bad with fatigue as a result I have lost my job. I have lymphedema & now wear a rather unnatractive sleeve garment. I know I am lucky compared to some others but I feel so sad. I feel everyone thinks I should be over it by now and I have accepted I will never be the person I once was. However I’m struggling and feel stuck untill I can loose weight but I’m finding it really difficult - any advise or suggestions would be appreciated oh I have joined slimming world and have lost a stone n half but this took me 12 months in which time I have been yo-yo ing with weight and emotions!

Hi Debra

I totally get what you’re saying. I too am on letrozole and the fatigue and joint pain can be soul destroying at times. Also, having split from partner, I have no interest in finding someone else! Unfortunately, I have no answers. But I try to pace myself during the day and try not to do too much. Taking a short walk can help. Plus some gentle stretching. 

I hope someone pops along soon that can be of help.

Best wishes

Sue xx

Hi Debra

I read your post and wanted to send you a big hug. The emotional side of BC is so hard. Have you considered counselling of some sort? My hospital cancer support centre has a psychologist, who I have had some sessions with and found very helpful - maybe yours has one too? It sounds as if you could do with someone to talk to.

You have done really well to lose 1.5 stone, so try to focus on that rather than the amount you still consider you need to lose.

Happy to chat with you more on here if it helps at all.

Evie x