Hi all I’m 2half years after having breast cancer and feel fab I still have my wobbles and flash backs of chemo !! I’m a very active fitness instructor and did the moonwalk just after treatment and this year an 80 mike bike race for Cancer then a 24 hr relay . Up ti now it’s not bothered me having a mastectomy as iv been busy getting my life back but after a girls holiday I’m thinking maybe I would like reconstruction, Iv heard both good and bad about it and now so confused what to do !!!

Me too Kayloo.  I’m due a delayed recon after Jan 2019 if I want it.  I think if you’re undecided, like me, it’s probably because you want it but are afraid it may go wrong or increase recurrence risk.  I’ve read a lot online about this and there doesn’t appear to be any increase in recurrence risk for delayed reconstruction.  There have been many studies on this.  I’ve read there may be a tiny increase in risk when there is a transfer of subcutaneous fat using liposuction transfer from a different site so this is a topic I would want to discuss thoroughly with my surgeon.   As long as my surgeon is happy to go ahead, I’m going to go for it.  I will totally put my trust in my surgeon and be guided by them.  Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to our professionals when we are undecided. Xxx

Thanks for yr reply , I plan to make an app tomorrow so I discuss my options, Iv talked to any lady last week who made me feel a lot more confident as she said so she was so glad she did it as she felt as if she was back in control and closer on it all . The more I think about it the more I want it done ,
So glad you have made yr desistion and going for it xxx?