Hi there, have recently (four week ago) had a double mastectomy, with R lymph node removal 10/10 which was cancerous, biopsy on Left nodes which were cancer free. I had inflaters in place after mastectomy. Day after op had such a bad time, internal bleeding, emergency op and blood transfusion. Healing as been hard but I am healing. I am now not sure if want to be having reconstruction, I dont know anyone who has had this or know anyone who has decided to live without. Any advice out there, anyone had the reconstruction using inflaters, when have full recon the inflaters will come out replaced by silicone and then lipo on tummy which will be placed round the silicone. Still got radiotherapy, Herceptin for a year and ten years of tablets (as I am at high risk of returning) to come. Am so comfused, I do not know what to do. I dont have to make my mind up straight away but do I want to put myself through anymore surgery etc. My husband is supportive of my decision whether to have recon or remain flat. My head is in a whirl!! Eeekkk.

Hi Lisa

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough recovery and have to make difficult decisions about more surgery.

I don’t know if you use Facebook but there is a group called Flat Friends UK which might be a good place to talk to others in a similar position. Thinking of you and wishing you well.
Jacq x

Hi Lisa


You must be feeling in a very lonely place at the moment. Quite a few women who post on here have discussed living flat rather than have more surgery. To others, living without breast or breasts is unthinkable. I live half flat because I wanted minimum surgery and healing time after my single mx. and I wear a prosthesis.


It is good that you have time to think it over while you have your treatment and that your husband is so supportive. I agree about looking at Flat Friends website too.


Some women have reported on this forum that there events where others who had had reconstruction attended and that it helped them with their decisions. I do not know if these events include women who did not have recon.Perhaps your team will know if there is anything in your area.


I’m sorry you’ve had such a traumatic time.  Sending you best wishes for your treatment and future surgery if you decide to have it.