i am having a mastectomy soon and also immediate reconstruction.  What does the reconstructed breast look like, also will it have a nipple?

All help appreciated



Hi Carol 2145, first I’m really sorry you find yourself on this forum - it really is a club none of us wanted to join but will give you the most amazing support.

I had a right side mastectomy in December and had an immediate reconstruction using an implant. I’ve been delighted with the results so far.

I was a 40E and the largest implant has given me a good B possibly C cup so I have to have my good side reduced to match. When the reduction is done I will have a nipple created on my new boob and then a tattoo. 

My implant is really good, it’s perky but already settling into a natural droop but the good one needs raising to match it when it’s reduced. 

i have a silicon nipple I can wear, which was cast from my remaining nipple so is a perfect match. 

I decided to go with just an implant because I didn’t want additional scarring and, because my boobs were large anyway I would have needed an implant as well. As I had to use an implant I decided to go with just that.

My surgery was longer because of the implant and I had to stay in overnight, I also had two drains - one stayed in for 10 weeks. 

I’ve been really pleased with the results it feels very soft and I feel sensation in my skin when it’s touched but not in the boob and it won’t “squish” into clothing like my real boob did. I have got a good cleavage which was important to me.

hope that helps, any questions feel free to give me a shout. I changed my mind so many times between diagnosis and surgery I know how bamboozling it all is. Once my surgery was done I changed my mind about the reduction loads of times too but I’m very settled and comfortable with my decisions now I hope you can get the same peace.

take care and stay strong xx Melanie