Recovering from Treatment/ future surgery

Hello all,

After being diagnosed in December 2022 I went through a pretty aggressive Treatment of 3 chemos within the span of 4 months. It has been a month since my last treat of Paclitaxel. I had severe muscle,joint pain and numbness in hands and feet during the taxcel treatment. A month later I still have pain and numbness. Is this “normal?” I am constantly tired which I understand my body went through a lot and I literally was in bed most days. Now back at work, my body is in shock. 
I have an upcoming consult with the surgeon . I will be getting a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. I am very nervous. I am struggling with this big change that is going to happen. I find these chats helpful and educational. 

Neuropathy can take quite a bit of time to heal from so yes it’s normal that just a month out you’ll still be feeling it. The same with fatigue. A month from my last chemo treatment is when I finally started beginning to feel a tad better for example. Before that it was dog crap. But it wasn’t consistent and I still had bad days till probably about eight weeks after. And some side effects take even a little longer although they aren’t necessarily troublesome. For me it’s my balance. Still working on it nine months out although it is much better than what it was when I stopped chemo. Anyway healing is very individual. The important thing though is that it does happen at some point. As far as your surgery goes, good luck. I know it’s petrifying. I had a double mastectomy with a delayed reconstruction and the healing is no joke. But it looks good! Lots of scars of course but the form and function is fine. Chance are really good it’ll be that way for you, too ?