Recovering shoulder movement and getting rid of cording after surgery for Breast Cancer

Hi there

I had a mastectomy in 2017 and had recurring AWS or Cording as well as a tightening shoulder over the following two years or so.  I found it vital that I moved otherwise I would cramp up completely! I did all the exercises given by the NHS which were great but I still didn’t feel all in one piece.  I needed something more. I found ways to move that rapidly released my shoulder tension and cleared my AWS. I also began to feel whole.  I am a yoga teacher, so I decided to share what worked for me and create three gentle and progressive youtube videos to restore wellbeing and freedom of movement.  The videos start really gentle and get more stretchy as they progress.  The link is below and I really hope that they are of great use to you. Please let me know!

Just what I needed thank you. My surgery was a year ago and I was healing really well but at my first radiotherapy session (October) they were unable to find my tattoos! 2 and a half hours of my arms above my head has caused a lot of pain and lack of movement in my shoulder. I do my physio at least twice a day and it is getting better thank fully. Will try your yoga thank you

Oh my this  is just what I need .

I have cording and restricted / painful movement in my shoulder, after lumpectomy and SNB in December 2020 then radiotherapy in February 2021. Have accessed physio but this is virtual, I was considering sourcing another physio as feel it needs good manipulation to ensure it eases and does not arisen further to cause long term problems . Was surprised you still having problems few years later poor you . Will definitely try these and let you know