recovery after wle and slnb

Hi everyone. I had my op on fri came home same day. I had 3 lymph nodes taken. I was wondering when everyone got back to normal routine like school runs lifting things etc. Any help much appreciated.
Hope everyone is well. Hugs xx

Hi hay, I had same op but 2 nodes out. I was back driving after a week, moving arm etc ok, just be careful lifting heavier things, I went shopping but just used more bags so they were lighter. Listen to your body, your arm will ache more, use it but don’t over do it if that makes sense!
Wishing you a good recovery
:slight_smile: x

Hi Hay578,


I had the same surgery with 6 nodes removed.  I was extremely tired with a very sore arm for at least a week.  After that I started to feel more like myself.  I didn’t drive until 2 weeks after and I didnt lift anything heavier then 10 pounds for the three suggested weeks.  I went back to work 4 weeks later ( I work with small children) and I am still careful not to do too much as I get sore when I do.

Hi thank you for your replies. Im getting better. But get really tired. Hooe you’re all well xxx