Recovery Time after Double MX with LD reconstruction??

Hi everyone

I need some advice please on the above op. I am seeing surgeons in a couple of weeks to discuss a possible double MX with immediate LD flap (and implant) reconstruction. I am aware that the hospital stay is likely to be between one and two weeks, but I wondered how long I should expect to be off work afterwards? Have only just gone back a few weeks ago, since being diagnosed six months ago, so wondering what to expect. Have read some literature, but it’s not clear, and I know that personal experiences are usually more helpful.

Thanks and good luck to everyone


Hi She, I have sent you a message on our other thread which you may be interested in. I had my operation in the June and went back to work in the October but I had a physical job and my workmates were great at making sure I didn’t lift ANYTHING at all heavy. But I only had one side done and it was in 1989 so I am not sure if that is relevant to you really but it may help a little. Love Val XX

Hi She, just this minute posted on the other thread! So if you read it, it’ll probably put the fear of God into you - sorry! But I was told originally that it would take about 12-16 weeks to get back to normal - but that was just one side, so have no idea really on the two being done.

Best of luck, xxJacqxx.


I just had one side done but I was back at work after six weeks, feeling fine. I do have a desk job thoughand gradually built up to my full hours over the next few weeks, I only work 4 days a week.

I was in hospital for a week.

Hope all goes well for you

B xx


I had single mast with LD flap recon. Was thinking about eturning to work sooner, but breast care nurses and GP advised 8-10 weeks off.