recovery time

I underwent single MX with imm recon using an implant on Feb 14th and am getting really miserable as I’m nowhere near right yet!! Am I too impatient to be getting on with my life?
The MX breast is still swollen which means I can’t be buying nice new bras that actually fit as I don’t think they make lopsided ones and the right breast where I had a breast reduction to make it match the other side when it decides to calm down is SOOOO sensitive and feels strangely hollow, is this normal. Also at times I feel as if I’ve got a barrage balloon instead of a bust, the pain and discomfort is so much worse now than before or after the surgery.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m whinging but am feeling a bit desperate. When I spoke to the BC nurse all she suggested was that I tkae Ibuprofen to reduce the inflamation but it doesn’t seem to be working on the pain. At the time off the MX I got the impression things would be fine after 6 weeks or so - Maybe we could be told a longer time so that if it is earlier it would be a bonus !!

If anyone out there can come up with any remedies or advic e I would be really grateful. Best wishes to you all.


I can’t add anything as I have managed to avoid mastectomy, but I’m sure others will be along soon.



I had an mx, but without immediate recon, and that was pretty much healed and fine within a week, so I can only guess that it is the implant that is making you so uncomfortable. This far on, it doesn’t sound ‘right’ to me (though I am no expert), and if I were you I would try to make an appointment to see your surgeon to discuss it. With so much pain, I would wonder about infection? I know that after a complete recon, done seperately to the mx, you’re looking at a recovery of eight weeks… well, you are over this distance now, just about - and that’s without any additional abdominal surgery.

Pain, to me, is generally a sign that things aren’t right - please make a nuisance of yourself and get the surgeon to check you out - bcns are great, but there are limitations to their knowledge, after all.

Good luck. I hope someone comes along soon who actually has firsthand advice for you xxxx

Hi Granddot

I had MX with immediate LD flap recon last November and it took around 3 months for the swelling to go down and it all to settle. I am still numb under where the muscle was removed from my back and put around the front and occasionally I get pains when I have overdone things. My ‘new’ breast still feels ‘heavy’ sometimes and a little uncomfortable and still feels strange to the touch.

I think if you are worried about the pain you should insist on seeing your BCN or ring up the surgeon to see what he/she thinks you should do.

Hope this helps a bit!



If you feel things are not right, then they’re not - and you should keep making a fuss until you feel OK. (ie: until either you understand what the discomfort is, or it is fixed)

For me though, I didn’t even consider a pretty bra until 6 months after the recon. I wore those extra-support running bras that go right under your arm and cover the whole of the chest and back (so, no low tops). My reconstruction felt like it was spreading under my arm, and all I wanted was to ‘hold it all in place’. I did get back to underwired T-shirt type bras, but not so soon as I had expected.


Thanks to all of you for replying, it made me feel less odd! Basically I think I’m too impatient with myself and am fed up of having to ask for help with jobs etc !! Today I’ve felt a whole load more comfy with a weird idea I had - have worn a close fitting silky cami top UNDER my sports bra and this has reduced the chafing no end - brilliant :-). My next appt with my surgeon - a lovely woman -is to discuss nipple recon. Can’t say I’m mad keen, quite happy as I am but it’s good to have the offer and to have a date for it to be done if I want it, time will tell.

Thanks again and best wishes to all of you, xx