I had a lumpectomy in June and finished my 20 sessions of radiotherapy end of September , I am still experiencing pain in my Breast especially when I get up in morning. Since radiotherapy I have had a dry cough which only starts when I am lying down in bed, my Breast still feels hard and lumpy. Is this natural. Friends say it is but I would like to hear off people who have been threw it also. Thank you jo 

Hi Jo,all sounds pretty normal to me .- it’s early days - Your boob is still healing .- think the shooting pains are quite common .Rads can cause some damage to your lungs so it may be worth getting that checked out -maybe ring BC unit and ask advice ?

Hi Jo , I had the cough for months after rads and over 2.5 years in still have a tender,  hard , lumpy boob, it’s likely to always feel that way so don’t be worrying about it , of course be vigilant about anything new that springs up bit hopefully be reassured that this is normal Xx Jo 

Thank you for replying at least I now know it can be common 

Hi, I too had 20 sessions of radiotherapy after 6 chemotherapy which finished in October. My breast is also lumpy and I get shooting pains too. As much as I don’t want anyone to be in pain or discomfort it’s reassuring to know that i’m not the only one! My nurse told me to get to know my new breast and how it feels so I can identify any changes but it’s still worrying. Hope this helps Jo

I had no idea after treatment 6 months down the line that my boob would still feel warmer and  boob would still be slightly swollen and heavier than the other side. I was thinking op then rads then slow recovery by Xmas I will be pain free not the oppposite way. Then thank the Lord I started reading the comments from other women who were having and had same problems I was experiencing. Thank you