recurrance after 7 years

I’m finding it hard to cope this time around. 5 weeks ago I found a lump just below my shoulder on the side that I had had a mastectomy on. It came up very quickly and is quite big. Grade 3 according to the surgeon. Also he says it is very tight in the muscle and they can’t operate. They are going to try chemo to shrink it first. Since it was confirmed I have found another lump on the other side and one on the back of my neck. I’ve also been having pains in my neck and shoulders. I had a scan today and am waiting for the results but I don’t feel very positive about things. This feels totally different from last time. I never once considered the possibility that I might die then but this time I find it difficult to think of anything else.

I had private health care last time but this time I am relying on the NHS and I can’t understand why everything is taking so long. I have a date to start chemo but it’s not for another week and a half. By the time I start treatment it will be about six weeks after I found the lump.

Dear crawfo64

I am sorry to hear that you have more worries at the moment, BCC have some information on the site about coping after a recurrence which you can view here:

Please feel free to call our helpline for further support too, it may help to talk things through. The number to call is 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care

Hi crawfo

I’m so sorry to hear you have a recurrence too. I have one after 5.5yrs - first just looked like one node, then surgery showed 3 sizeable tumours and spots in soft tissue, then since surgery I have a new lump which is a node that’s been left behind and may or may not be cancerous (I’ve started chemo so I’m continuing, rather than have it taken out for the moment).

It is really really hard to have to face it all again. I had absolutely and successfully put BC behind me so it was a big shock to have it make its way back into my life. I can understand some of what you’re feeling.

I really hope the scans come back with some positive news and that your treatment plan is underway very soon. I felt a lot better once I started in the process of tackling the cancer.

Let us know how the scans go. BTW I had surgery privately last time because the NHS wait was so long, but this time it’s all be NHS and everyone’s been fantastic. No complaints, other than the odd evil nurse who could turn up in NHS or private care! xxx Jne

Hi Crawfo64,

I can totally sympathise with you - it is so awful waiting for tests or treatment to start. I have a recurrance after 2 years of lymph node tumours high under my arm and under the collar bone. I’ve had 18 weekly sessions of taxol, which worked a bit, but I can feel them growing again (or so I’ve convinced myself!) which is driving me nuts. I’ve having rads starting next Thurs to try and zap them, but it will be over 5 weeks from finishing chemo. by then, AND I’ve got private health care too.I know they have to be careful and these procedures are standard,but for us waiting for things is horrible. I worry so much about my son too in the future, who is 11 and autistic. I know he’ll be looked after by the rest of the family, but it’s hardly comforting, is it? Sorry to moan, feel free to do the same!

Love, Sarah.

Just checking in after being given all clear in March.Now have enlarged lymph node at left clavicle.Saw breast care specialist yesterday and I’ve to have surgery to remove and biopsy.Not knowing is definetely the worst!When I was initially diagnosed I knew waht was happening within 2 hours so this is hard.Just thought I would post this as a comment as I normally dont .Is anyone else in same position.Any response is fine as I have already feared the worst (Iam a classic pessimistic nurse).


So sorry to hear about your worries. I just wanted to emphasise what Lucy said in the earlier post about the helpline. Do give them a call for a “listening ear”.

Take care

Very best wishes

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Hi all

I have just been diagnosed with my 4th recurrence in 25 years, its on the side where I had my mastectomy and LD recon 5 years ago. Just shows having a mx is no guarantee. Been taking Fermara for 12 months so they obviously haven’t worked, put up with the side effects for nothing.

Feeling a bit low but its to be expected I suppose, only had rads last October and here we go again.

At least I am here to tell the tale.

Best Wishes