Recurrance after nearly 5 years

Hi i have recently been informed that i have a recuurance of the bc i had in 2008, PR-/ ER- Her2 -. Had lumpectomy chemo and rads. I am waiting for bone scan and ct scan to check if it has spread. I feel gutted i have 2 children 11 and 16 and am scared as hell that i won’t be here for them . Surgeon says it will be a mastectomy ? chemo but not rads as i have already had them . Dont know whether to ask for both sides to be taken away as i have large boobs 40 E and will be very uneven . QAlso want to get this evil thing out of me. Seeing consultant next week . If anyone can offer advice please do as i feel like i am in limbo !!!

Sarah 66

Hi Sarah
Havent got any advice sorry but just wanted to send best wishes. It must have been a shock after 5 years and I am so sorry that you have to go through this again
I am sure there will be a lot of people along soon with handfuls of good advice for you
Sending a big hug
Jill x x x

Hi Sarah,so sorry to hear this,this is what we all dread,hope someone comes along soon to help and advise,just want to wish you all the best and good luck in your further treatment,
Hugs and prayers,Di.x

Hello Sarah,
Sending you a very big hug and lots of support. It’s such a hard thing to go through.
I wanted to respond as I was in a very similar position to you in March of this year- I first breast cancer in 2009, had a cancer found in my ‘other’ breast following bilateral mastecomies, but as all characteristics were the same (grade 3 triple neg), no-one sure if its ‘new’ or a ‘recurrence.’
Anyway, like you could not have rads as had it previously, but had chemo. I just wanted to be the person at the other side of that dark tunnel, shining a light, telling you that you can do this, you will get through it.
My daughter is 5, like you have drak thoughts and to be honest, that has not yet changed, but it does get easier to cope. Think it is such a shock first time, but then second time. I felt physically sick and was in total shock. Then just so scared of all that treatment again. I really did not think I could do it, but I have.
Not sure I can help with the question about bilateral mastecomies- there are two considerations - risk, and cosmetics. I would suggest ringing the BCC helpline.
Please say if I can be of any more help. Rattles xx

HI SArah, so sorry to hear you have a recurrence - I am sure the docs will have some info about the pros and cons of double MX - it took me a while to get used to my MX but its fine now, altho a double would be a lot more to take on …guess when you have all the info you can have a good think about it - very best of luck, Nicola

Thanks for your comments xx

Hi Sarah,
I had a 2nd bc in 2010, 7 years after my first one. I now live breast free and feel very comfortable, if you want to send me a private message, please do, and ask all the questions you want.
Hugs to you

Hi had bone scan and ct scan,appear clear but there is a small area on rib ? trauma,arthritis and a small area on lung they are not clear what they are so down to Cheltenham for a PET scan , so more waiting and hoping for a positive result.
Cannot understand how it all takes so long and i am left with this thing inside me , i just want it out and a plan of action , ? if i need chemo again, cannot have rads but will need a mastectomy ? reconstruction.
My first lump was under the breast so in an awkward place, does this affect reconstruction options ???

best wishes to all

Just like to say Good luck Sarah XXXX I had b/cancer in 2008 and just be diagnosed with a new local primary, same grade/breast as before. having a masectomy/recon next week then my ovaries sorted due to Oestrogen+ again… Am having the other breast off as a precaution within 6mths. also 3 young children to think about it is very upsetting to go through it again but have heard a lot of positive stories… keep fighting and will be thinking of you X

Sarah i have had two primaries and a chest wall recurrence over the last 6 years… Its scary times but ou will get there.

one of my tumours was also Er- Pr- and Her2- and this is the one that recurred in my chest… Have you had genetic testing? That might be worthwhile asking about in terms of having the other side removed too If you have a mutation. I ave brca2 but nt had mastectomy yet but had ovaries out.

hope the PET scan goes ok and doesnt show any spread.

in terms of recon it shouldn’t matter where in your breast the tumour is… My friend had a tumour in the bottom of her breast but had a recurrence and then had a mastectomy with an LD flap recon.

good luck

lulu xxx

Hi Sarah
I had first diagnosis in December 2000, had chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy.
Second time around January 2012, same side as before, I felt a lump above the mastecomy scar surgery in March 2012. I’ve just been to hospital regarding dodgy ct scan results which they’ve now said is only fibrous tissue from surgery and nothing to worry about.


So sorry to hear your news Sarah. Hope you get positive news from your scan and can get on with a new treatment plan. This really is such an unfair disease.

Nicola x

hi all , seen breast surgeon today, unfortunately the pet scan showed small cancer in lung! now got to wait and see lung dr to see if this is a new primary or spread, maybe more chemo too !! great.

What a blow for you Sarah. Sending hugs and hope that the lung doctor will come up with a successful new treatment plan for you. I hope you have support of friends and family to help you through this horrible time. Can only imagine what you are going through.
Nicola x

**** Hugs*****

oh sarah thats pants hunny… good luck with your scans and future treatment x

Hi have an appoint to see lung dr on 26th November, will a biopsy be needed to diagnosed and stage this lump? i am worried about all this time passing with no treatment, my mammo in Jan 2012 was clear yet recurrance showed up in aug/ sept 2012

Very worried


Hi Sarah66
I am so sorry you are going through such a worrying time. I know it feels like a very lonely journey.
I was first diagnosed in 1998. I had lumpectomy, rad and hormone therapy. In 2010 I was diagnosed again - in the same breast but a new primary. This time, I asked for a double mx and had chemo. Now on anastrozole.
I thought I was clear of bc for so long. Now I seem to feel scared all the time. I have to keep reminding myself that I am here 14 years after first being diagnosed. In that time, my 3 children have grown up, left home and I have 2 grandchildren.
I want to send you lots of love and hugs. It is a terrible thing to go through and the waiting is so hard. Stay strong.xxxx

Seen the lung dr today and he says that the nodule is very close to the heart valves so a biopsy would be difficult, due to my history non smoker etc they seem to think that it is a spread from the breast so recommend treating it as such. Due to see breast surgeon and hopefully oncologist for treatment plan, lovely chemo again and mastectomy . Had FEC in 2008 with primary tumour, WLE and rads.


So sorry to hear this news Sarah must have been awful after being clear for so long,its the news we all dread hearing.just wanted to wish you all the best in your treatment,good luck and hugs,