recurrence after 16 years?

recurrence after 16 years?

recurrence after 16 years? hi everyone

i am looking for some reasureance i think, tryed looking on the internet but cant find any answers, so if anyone could point me in right direction i would be very greatful.

16 years ago my mother-inlaw found she had a lump in her breast after many visits to her gp and being told it was nothing to worry about, that she was to young to have anything serious. she had a lump removed the size of a tangerine with radiotherpy afterwards. she is now 56 years old.

and they have found a lump under her arm which they have taken a biopsy of my partner and her family are worried sick, is there any chance after 16 years the cancer has returned???

Hello there I had decided not to answer your post, but you must want an answer otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question.

I first had bc 20 years ago when I was 38, like your mother-in-law I had the lump removed followed by radiothrapy. I had a recurrence a year ago in the same breast, whether it was related to my original diagnoses I’am not sure.

Although I had to have a mastectomy this time I was able to have reconstruction at the same time, which made the whole thing easier to come to terms with. I was unable to have radiotherapy again in the same area so have had no further treatment other than having to take Arimidex for 5 years.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear, but it doesn’t mean that your mother-in-laws outcome will be the same.

The best of luck and I would be interested to know how things go.

Take care.


Thanks Jan for your honesty, and i will let you know how things go she get’s the results on tuesday we are all keeping everything crossed that all is going to be ok.

Sounds like you have been though the mill yourself.

Take care


Hi Steph Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s new lump. I’m afraid that the short answer is yes, it is possible for breast cancer to return after 16 or more years. In my case it came back in the same breast after 7, but Jan, as you heard, had hers recur after 20.

Obviously we all hope that your mother-in-law’s lump will turn out to be harmless. Even if it is cancer, please remember that treatments have come a very long way since she had her first lump and there are far more options than there were 16 years ago.

All the best

Kathy xxx

Thanks Kathy

All the best to you .xxxx