?recurrence after bilateral mastectomy

?recurrence after bilateral mastectomy

?recurrence after bilateral mastectomy Hi all posted this on the other site but have had no replies yet.

Mum has found a lump on her scar line, but they’re not sure what it is. They think it might be fatty tissue or scar tissue, but I’m very worried. Mum is going back to gp in two weeks for them to have another look and decide what to do. She’s 3 years post diagnosis.
Family history is quite bad and everyone in our family who’ve ever had cancer have died (mum is caring for my gran at the moment who has bowel cancer with secondary liver cancer so is under quite a lot of stress).
My youngest aunt was diagnosed aged 40 with dcis (like mum although she was diagnosed at 52) and had recurrence after five years, she died aged 46.
Mum was diagnosed with intermediate dcis.
We have a strong family history of bc, with mum having lost 2 of her sisters to it.

You can understand why I’m very worried.

any helpful advice?

take care

Justine what advice could we give? Sadly it’s wait, worry and see. Lots of sympathy for the misery you and your Mum are going through and hope that when you are told what it is that the news will be much better than you fear/expect. very best wishes, dilly

is it genetic? It sounds as if your Mum might have a genetic breast cancer, perhaps what they call a basal cancer. I imagine she is triple negative - no post operative hormone based drugs. It’s a difficult area because they are only just beginning to research basal cancers properly. (I am triple negative myself, with a recurrence.)

Without knowing more I would make two suggestions - one, get your GP to refer your Mum to a top cancer hospital such as the Royal Marsden, where they are on the frontline of new treatments; two, do some information gathering about all the approaches available. I’ve just bought the Cancer Directory by Rosy Daniel which is a mine of useful information. That should equip you better for the future.

I bet your Mum feels very pleased to have a daughter like you.
All the best
NB I always find the Breast Cancer Care helpline amazingly helpful too.