Recurrence after rads

Recurrence after rads

Recurrence after rads Can anyone advise whether they had had a local recurrence on the same breast after receiving radiation therapy? Reading all the threads it seems that recurrences are more common if no radiation had originally been received.

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Hi Birgit I had a local recurrence on the same side after 7 years. It was underneath the orginal ANC scar and just outside the irradiated area. So it looks like the rads worked for the main part of the breast in my case. Not sure if this helps.

Kathy xx

Recurrence Hello Birgit

Don’t know whether this counts but I had a recurrence last November after 20 years, in the same breast, I had radiothrapy first time, as you most probably know it can’t be given twice in the same area so did’nt have it this time.

Before I did’nt have any hormone therapy, I don’t think it was widely used then.

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skin nodules my skin nodules were found during rads and i am now going for a mastectomy followed by further chemo in the new year.