Recurrence and ovary removal

Hello ladies
Just wanted advice and to see if anyone was in my situation.
I am soon to be 37 years of age. Had breast cancer x3 times.
Just had wide local excision, have now started on Zoladex and anastrazole.
However, what do you think about ovary removal…this was a suggestion.
Look forward to hearing from you
Thank you

Hi Dolph, sorry to hear of your recurrence.
I was age 44 at dx and had ooph & tubes out as part of my treatments

As far as ops go, it was very doable and recovery was quick. I had laproscopic surgery - three tiny incisions. I don’t feel any worse for wear(fingers crossed!)
I think having shots means you keep your ovaries to protect your bones, but can still get the benefit of an AI.
Was ooph suggested by your onc?
take care and big hugs
x x

Hi Dolph

I had ovaries removed via laprascopic procedure as the other said. This meant I could swap from Tamoxifen onto anastrazole which stops the the production of oestrogen in other cells.


The link between ovarian and breast cancer is strong so this has reduced that possibility too.

My oncologist recommended this. I also take calcium to protect my bones.





Hello lolly73
I am sorry to hear about your recurrence.
I thank you so much for sharing your story, as that was my concern as to which I asked the oncologist about, whether cancer could still return after ovary removal.
I hope you are okay! Stay strong!! Lots of hugs coming your way x



I’ve been having a similar conversatiion on another thread.


When I was first diagnosed, nearly 8 years ago, a very good BC nurse told me that if I can keep my ovaries I should, even though I was ER+ and PR+.  She said that once I when I was better (and I would be), the little bit of hormone left would help my bones and stop me getting a Dowager’s hump (will always remember her saying that bit, as she mimed it!!).


Its a personal choice, but I’ve held onto that and plan to keep mine if I can.


Wendy xx