Recurrence breast cancer

I had bc earlier this year. Had lumpectomy in April and finished radiotherapy end of July. All was ok until 1.5 weeks ago when my breast started to get very hot, painful with orange peel effect and 2 tiny dimples and a hard area. I have been to the doctor who eventually said she’s refer me to the breast symptom clinic. First of all why breast symptom clinic and secondly why have to wait 2 weeks for the appointment when I’ve already had bc. It’s ridiculous.

Hi Nicnocnoo,
Most importantly, you have been referred for it to be checked out & you will be seen shortly.
Do you have a BCN you could contact about this as you would still be under the oncologist/surgeon for follow up.
I haven’t had to do this myself, but others have contacted their BCNs &/or teams directly to get these sort of things checked out.
I sounds like your GP was following the standard guidelines.
It might be an idea to post on the ‘ask our nurses’ board about this.
ann x

Thank you Ann. I will contact my bcn today.
I’m new to this so finding my way on the forum. I’ll look for the ask a nurse page x

Yes phone your bcn. I am pretty sure they will tell you to come in. Good luck xc

Called my bcn. Being seen next Thursday at the breast clinic I first went to. Praying the bit** isn’t back x