Recurrence of tnbc ?

Hi ladies,

well i went to get my results yesterday of my 3 biopsies last week and its not a new type of cancer but the same as i had in 2017. TNBC and now having a CT chest staging and also a full body bone scan , first CT next week and bone scan week after.  They want to see if anything has spread… is anybody else waiting to have this done or already had it ??

keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that all will be clear … good  luck all of us ?


Hello mini mad,

I am not in the same boat as you but just read your Post and wanted to wish you all the best with your scans and treatment.  It is pants going through all this once, never mind facing it again after a relatively short respite.  I never found the scans or tests a problem but bleeding waiting for the results, one way or another, was agonising for me.


Although I was not in the same boat as you, I did have a CT scan done before I had treatment.  The scan showed no spread thank goodness. The actual scan process was not an issue for me, although I could understand it being if someone suffers from, for example, claustrophobia.   I think with this one I was injected with contrast through a cannula, and if I am not mistaken, (so many scans/tests so apologies if I am mixed up), at one point it gives you a warm sensation of peeing (but you are not honestly!!).  Everything was clearly explained beforehand and I received an explanatory booklet before the appointment.


I am assuming the full body bone scan you mentioned will be a Nuclear bone scan. I had one of these last year to check whether I had bone spread  (Thankfully results negative).  Again, prior to the  appointment, I also received a booklet explaining the procedure.  With this one I was injected with low dose radioactive tracer (don’t let this put you off), and had to entertain myself for an hour or so before returning for the actual scan appointment which consisted of laying down and  just letting  them get on with it.  Staff did keep asking if ok etc.


I think with any scans I have had with contrast substance, they have advised to keep away from direct contact with small children etc which does freak one out a bit but they are just being very cautious.  When I had my nuclear bone scan, they even had a seperate toilet for people to use after receiving the substance!!! I was also tagged with a wrist band indicating my radio active status etc should I have had a calamity whilst wandering about waiting for the scan.


Best Wishes to you,

Chick X

Mini mad here again…

so both  scans came back C L E A R…  so relieved…

all systems go…  had my pre-op assessment on friday.  Surgery on Tuesday 16th… single Mastectomy…lymph node biopsy   … any words of advice for afterwards greatly accepted…

Am i scared/worried/frightened…hell yes… said i could be home same day so quicker its done,  quicker i’ll feel better…

surgeon said chest will be permanently  numb… is that right… shouldnt feel too painful after surgery.

hw did you get on with the drain ??      Excuse the gabbling on…kinda verbal diarrhoea !!!  ??