Recurrence - silly question

Hi. Silly question. Is it possible to have a recurrence in reconstructed breast? I had mastectomy and immediate reconstruction 6 years ago. Low grade extensive DCIS. But just recently been getting pains in ‘breast’ .  I have had mammograms on other breast but no information about the reconstruction.  Sorry to ask this. I was told at the time that only 2% breast tissue remained after mastectomy. Thanks. 

Hi R


There’s no such thing as a silly question, particularly when it’s related to such a complex and almost incomprehensible thing as breast cancer. Are you still able to contact your breast care nurse or team to ask them? Every case is different. I have no reconstructed breast - just my scar and very little breast muscle - but I’ve been told to check it for any changes as I was heavily node-positive. So in my case the answer is yes, it’s possible when there’s very little of the original there. However, in your case the answer may be very different as your diagnosis was DCIS. 


Statistically the odds are against it but that’s not going to stop you fretting now the idea is in your head. You need reassurance from someone who has the details of your specific case or at least reassurance from one of the nurses at the number above - they really do know their stuff. I hope you get peace of mind soon.

Jan x

Hi Racehorse - I don’t think you silly either. You haven’t mentioned what type of recon you had? If it was using an implant, there’s the possibility it may have formed a fibrous “capsule” that’s causing discomfort. But I’d definitely have it checked for you peace of mind sake. Good luck with it and let us know how you go on.