Recurrence while on Herceptin

I don’t mean to panic anyone but I’m curious to know if anyone has or is going through a similar situation to me. I was diagnosed with a HER2 + breast cancer in Oct 2016. I had neoadjuvant chemo, FEC-T which completely destroyed the tumour. I then had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy. Everything appeared to be going well and I was having my 3 weekly sub-cut Herceptin injections. However, in Jan of this year, I noticed the scar from the lumpectomy felt a bit uncomfortable and I had an occasional blood-stained discharge from my nipple. To cut a long story short, the HER2 tumour had recurred even though I was still on Herceptin. I’ve since had a mastectomy with good tissue margins and no spread to any lymph nodes. Of course the dilemma now is what to do next. My oncologist has contacted the Marsden in London for a second opinion and while I wait for their response, I thought I’d post on here in case anyone has been through a similar scenario.



That must be a cause for concern for you to say the least. I had Paget’s disease (basically cancer of the nipple) which was HER2 positive. I had umpteen biopsies to see if it was anywhere else in the breast but is wasn’t. I had the nipple removed at the first surgery but kept my breast. Apparently there is not as much research on Paget’s as for the more usual breast cancer. It might be in the same area i.e. breast but have a slightly different modality. I also had radiotherapy.

Sorry to hear your story Shonagh. I think that I will be hyper aware from now on. Best wishes with your treatment. Hopefully the Marsden will come up with a good plan x

Hi, its my 1st time writing here. I was diagnosed with HER 2 + cancer in Feb this year. I had neoadjuvant chemo therapy starting 2nd March and finishing end of July, mid August a double mastectomy with removal of 6 lymph nodes. Biopsy came back I’m 100% cancer free. I was due to have radiotherapy, but Dr, said it would do more damage than good. Since the op I`ve started every 3 weeks having Herceptin and Perjeta intraveniously. This weekend my scar at my lymph nodes area filled up with liquid. It happened once before and they drained it. It got all swollen, red with a sort of rash and now I’m all swollen down my side and back, cant move my arm much, very painful. I read sometimes this can mean the cancer has returned. Anybody have any information? I have booked to see the Dr. again. Thank you Shonagh for your info. I wish you the best.