Recurring infection

Dont know if anyone had similiar but I had an inflamed lump before Christmas, like mastitis and was put on antibiotics and sent to breast clinic week later for mammogram.By then swelling and lump had gone down, mammogram was clear and i was discharged.
Three weeks ago I got another much more painful larger lump/swelling with quite a fever in same breast went back to docs and she prescribed a larger dosage of antibiotics.It has gone again but is still tender and bit lumpy.
She wrote to Consultant and I am going back on the 7th March.I’m assuming its a cyst or something and am not that worried.
I feel this post is quite trivial when people have such major issues to deal with on this site but just wondered if anyone had similar experience.
PS Lost a couple of people to cancer recently including my mum and think how amazing all these people and organisations who support others are.

Dear joannaD

You are welcome to call our helpline for advice on this query from one of our specialist nurses on 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm

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Hello there – I’ve got to go to breast clinic next week, and my lump has now become inflamed and I’m now pretty sure it is an infection.

I had to go to the clinic two months ago for a lump in the same place which then subsequently resolved itself – I don’t know if that was infected or not, cos it was gone by the time of the appointment.

I looked into it a bit, and I think once you’ve had an infection outside when you’re breastfeeding, they do tend to recur. Apparently smokers tend to get them quite a bit. Also, I have a congenitally inverted nipple, and I think that if you have that, it can make you more prone to infection. It’s scary isn’t it? It just puts you on the path of worrying that something is underlying it all, even if that hasn’t been confirm. Good luck with sorting it out.

Thanks for the info.Have just been back today and although consultant said he couldnt feel anything after an ultrasound the radiologist found a 6mm whatever they call it.They stuck a needle in my breast and I have to go back next thursday for the results.They seemed to be quite sure that it would be ok!!!
I knew I felt something just shows you that you do know your own body at the end of the day.Hope you get it sorted too.I have inverted nipple too but on other breast not sore one.

With me, they told me they thought it was probably periductal mastitis, and didn’t seem at all concerned about cancer. They aspirated the abscess and are testing to see what bacteria were in it and gave me antibiotics. I’m back next week to see if works, otherwise I bet you it might have to be cut out, and many a duct or two with it. It looks as though the recurrence is really high otherwise.

Good on you for pursuing it, I had the ‘couldn’t feel it’ thing last time at the clinic, and so I didn’t even have ultrasound – I wish I had now really cos the abscess might have got treated earlier.