Red blotches on reconstructed breast

Hi All, I had left side mx with immediate reconstruction with strattice mesh 11 months ago as I had DCIS and as it turned out a 3mm invasive stage 2 tumour. The sentinel node was clear. Today I suddenly noticed large red blotches and some smaller spots on the reconstructed boob, they feel a bit hot and itchy but I haven’t got a temperature. It would be a Saturday when there is no one at breast unit so I went to A and E but the doctor seemed puzzled and said he thought it looked like hives and prescribed antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream. I’m not convinced and I’m worried it’s an infection or rejection. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms? Thanks Nic x

hi there,


I am so pleased … in a strange way … that you have red blotches on your breast that has been reconstructed. I noticed a redness about three weeks ago ans it comes and goes. I have not been to the doctors yet as I feel they will say it is normal shading !!! I hope yours is fine and will let you know iwhat happens when I visit my GPs. I sometimes feel my breast is ‘heavy’ but can’t desribe this the GP yet.

Take care and hope all goes well.