Red breast ?

Hi Ladies
My breast is allways red , I had surgery in Feb and just finished chemo 2 weeks ago , my poorly boob is allways pinky/red OH said its probably where ive been sleeping on it now its not painful but it stays throughout day sometimes it does go down a bit but mainly stays the same, anyone else had/got this after surgery/chemo ?
Im seeing Onc on tuesday so will ask but getting bit paranoid now so wondered if anyone could advise

Love Janice xx

Bumping x

Hi lottie63…I had WLE in Feb and my boob was pinky red throughout most of chemo (finished 5 weeks ago)…best obviously to check with your own Onc, but mine said that chemo destroys fast growing cells eg cancer and in mouth, hair, bowel, bladder, stomach etc hence the side effects and also new cells ie those in operaton site…having rads now so have a permanent pink boob after haing a skin coloured one for 3 weeks!!!
Hope that helps in a small way?..take care xo

Hi Maryland
Thank you so much for replying, I was starting to get paranoid, all sorts of thoughts going through my head, one thing having bc does for you … it makes you paranoid, Seeing onc Monday before I start rads so see what he says about it

Take care Thanks again Janice x