Red, Hot skin around scar underarm.

I am three weeks post radiotherapy, and after very sore skin, everything seemed to be going fine.  Then yesterday morning noticed a very red, hot area around the scar under my arm. It seems to start at the bottom of the scar and radiate out.  It is extremely sore, was wondering if it could be an infection. Has anyone else had anything similar. Also under arm pain.


Hi Ellie,I ended up with an infection under my boob about 10 days after I finished.Had a weeks work of anti biotics and it cleared up.

Hi Jill
I’m 8 months post rad and showered this morning with a new shower gel and have ended up like you. Put creams on it and has died down a bit. Taking it a bad reaction to something in the gel. But is scarey 8 months on

A lot of the women I speak to are still having painful boob/skin reactions 9 plus months on from rads.Dont think we should underestimate the effect of radiation on your skin!

Bummer,there always seems to be something extra to deal with doesn’t there!Hopefully get it sorted quickly this time ,very painful cellulitis .