red rash

I had my aperation to have the lump removed from my breast, and lymp nodes four weeks 2morro. everything was going well until this morning, when this red rash appeared, i can’t seem to get in touch with my breast nurse just the answering machine should i go to A & E…

YES. I had exactly the same thing happen to me after my lumpectomy. I had a urine infection that spread through the blood stream to the breast. I didn’t even notice as I was so poorly with the urine infection. It was only when the nurse came into change the dressings shes spotted it and said you have an infection and phoned the gp and got me some antibiotics there and then. Don’t leave this. x

hi kathryn after my mastectomy ( few weeks after) i felt a bit flu like and then saw my op area was covered in rash i went to gp next day it was an infection strong antibiotics soon cleared it up x

Thankyou. On my way. I will
post the outcome.

similar story here too, rash appeared about 6 weeks after Mx, it was an infection but caught it early and just needed a course of strong Antibiotics.

Do you feel okay? Have you got a temp? If at all unsure get to the hospital or have you got an out of hours GP service that could help? Otherwise Get phoning on Monday morning, better safe than sorry!