red spotty cheeks

is anyone suffering anything like this please and any advice from you talented ladies on how to treat it.
on my cheeks prob cheek bone area. i have a red blotch both sides about size of 50p and can feel raised bits like spots but not spots. hard to describe. i don’t wear makeup and this is annoying me. i have had 4 chemo last one was 22nd may.
any advice greatly received thanks

hi i had exactly the same thing through my chemo almost like a heat rash? no tips im afraid i just put up with it

Strange I had chemo no 4 yesterday and this morning I have the same thing - just wondering what it was when I read these posts. red blotches quite hot but my temp is okay. Just going to leave it for the minute and hope it goes away in the next couple of days…if not I may ring for advice next week as I am always asked about my skin and any rashes when I see my onc.