reduction by liposuction

Help/info/advice needed on this one!
After bilateral WLE and radio I am very lopsided (Droopy and Perky…)and now I’m trying to find out about reduction by liposuction as surgical reduction is not ‘advisable’ due to possible problems with wound healing/breakdown. This seems to be quite usual in USA but not a technique used in the UK.
Does anyone know anything about it? I’d be really grateful for any pointers on this.

I am humbled by the experiences of you all, coping with mastectomies, massive recon surgery, recons failing, living breast-free etc and just getting on with it.

Hint: when folk tell me I have been ‘lucky’ to get early and effective treatment, my reply is ‘No, getting breast cancer diagnosed at any stage is NOT lucky, but I AM extremely FORTUNATE that treatments have developed so much in the last 50 years’. That usually makes them think a bit more carefully!!!

Hi grumpy

Just thought I’d let you know that I have also been offered this form of recon - its relatively new in the uk which is prob why you cant find much info on it - im hoping to find out more at my next visit with surgeon.

Carly x


Thanks so much for that - I’d really appreciate more info as and when.

As yet I haven’t been OFFERRED any corrective surgery from my breast team, who are superb - it’s just been a big flat NO so far.

I have had a referral to a plastic surgeon who seems quite happy to nip and tuck, but as I’ve only met him once…

thanks again


Hi Grumpy and Carla,
As your posts were a few months ago I am wondering if you have had any progress with the lipo? I had a wle and reduction to good side in 2009, followed by chemo and rads. My surgeon did wonderful surgery but I always felt that she did not take very much away and I am still large. I was lucky enough to be seen by her a few months ago. She explained the difficulties connected with further traditional surgery (wound healing etc) and also the particular probs associated with surgery to the radiotherapy side. She was clearly struggling with what to do and consulted her colleague who suggested the lipo. I had a consultation with him and he went through the options again. I am keen to have the lipo but there is no assurance that the skin will retract after the procedure.
Has anyone any further experience or info? I go back to see the surgeon ina few weeks.
Hope everyone well and best wishes to those going through now what I went through 3 years ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am fit and well, working, playing and getting on with life! Sheila xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Ladies
Still not getting very far with this - want to have Droopy reduced/lifted a bit BUT no go to mastopexy after bilateral radio. However onc now says he could do some lipofilling to the smaller side OR a bit of a tweak to the droopy side by Benelli’s technique ( re-siting the nipple) as it is less invasive. I just wish all this about surgery after radio had been made clearer to me beforehand but there you go, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Will post again if I get any further.

Update, ladies -
Seen onc who MUCH more helpful about this Benelli op and says because it is less invasive than the full monty it has less problems!!! Whew what a relief, so perhaps Droopy can be perked up a bit, and a bit removed, altho volume difference isn’t that much.
Anyhow as I have had a jelly brain for a while - had been assured that surgery was possible, then told no it wasn’t, now it is after all - I’m going to have a few months just getting head straight, and then decide what to do with Droopy and Perky.
And the other option is a bit of lipofilling to make Perky a bit droopier - hum, don’t really want needles stuck into my thighs/belly, sounds a bit too grim for me…
This has all come about I think cos I wrote a 2 page letter with copies of the notes I’d made after each appt sitting in the carpark before I drove home - just goes to show how we need to keep our own notes of what clinic tells us.