Referral to Breast Clinic - scared!

Hi everyone -I guess I am looking for a little support.

A few weeks away, I felt sore in my left breast - it felt tender and bruised - especially when I touch it. I didn’t think much of it as I thought it was hormonal but then I felt a lump and the soreness didn’t go away after my period. I booked a doctors appointment and spoke to a doctor over the phone - he asked questions and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics as he said it could be a breast infection. After completing the course, the lump is still there and the pain did subside but it’s still there. I made another telephone appointment explaining this and the doctor asked me to come in - it was a quick appointment, she felt my breasts and she identified where the lump was, asked me a few more questions and if the pain reduced after the anti-biotics, to which I said it did but it hasn’t completely gone and i also told her that I don’t think the lump has changed in size or feel. She is referring me to the breast clinic as “urgent” and said I should have an appointment in 2/3 weeks. I am really scared! I was hoping my GP appointment wouldn’t lead to a breast clinic referral, I was hoping she would say it is harmless. Is the “urgent” referral standard procedure? Does anyone else have any stories of sore/tender lumps? It only really hurts when it’s touched, it doesn’t give any issues for most of the time. There is no change in the breast, no discharge. I am trying to stay positive but I really freaking out and cried on the way back from the GP. I have only told a friend, I haven’t told my family yet because they will worry and I don’t know if there is something to worry about at this point. I am 33 years old.

As far as I’m aware any breast referral is classed as urgent. It’s standard procedure for you to be seen within 2 weeks.

2yrs ago I went to the breast clinic and got diagnosed with a simple cyst- no treatment needed.

i went back to the breast clinic yesterday as I found author lump, this time it wasn’t a cyst so I had the full works.

it maybe varies hospital to hospital but this happened yesterday;

I went in to see a consultant who felt my breasts and made a mark with pen where the lump was, then I went to see a radiologist who did a ultrasound, she said it’s a solid mass so they needed to do a biopsy.

The biopsy didn’t hurt at all! They numb it first which just was like a normal injection, then they took the biopsies which didn’t hurt at all, felt very weird with pressure but was painless. The noise the biopsy needle makes is a loud click which is abit scary but it is painless. then a bandage on for 2 days. Feels fine today! No problems.

you can also get a titanium chip inserted into the breast so they can find the lump easier if they need to in the future, you get a mammogram to make sure it’s in correctly.

I then went straight back to see the consultant who booked me in for my results appointment in 2 weeks time.
Im 28 years old- it’s scary as hell!  

my first lump I had pain and that was the simple cyst.

this one I have no pain and this is the one that needs checked out.

im not gonna tell you not to painic as it’s impossible not to! However please don’t google loads of stuff! I promise that makes it worse x