Referral, what to expect

Hi all
I had a lump 3 years ago and was referred under 2ww, i didnt know what to expect having never attended before, at the time I was 38 so only a ultrasound was conducted which concluded a cyst, this time referred today again 2ww with a few lumps, indentation and mastitis a week ago ( have not breastfed for14yrs). Last time I took hubby not knowing that he couldnt be with me in investigation waiting room, it was very daughnting practically on my own with hubby in other waiting room. So this time im thinking of taking my 18yr old daughter, so i can have someone with me through the process as she’s female im guessing she can wait in other room with me. But im worried that if it is unpleasant news, im not sure im comfortable with her finding out with me, the protective parent thing kicking in, thoughts please



Do you have a female friend who could go with you if you are concerned about having your daughter there xx

Hi Indi, How about take them both, yes your daughter would be allowed through to the mammogram waiting area, I went with my sister when she had a re call and sat there with her.

Your husband would be there to go in to see surgeon with you which they will do initially for a physical examination before your mammogram and Ultrasound then you will go back out to the main waiting area with him before be called in again to discuss what they suspect from what they have seen and what happens next. Xx 

Thanks ladies, unfortunately ladybowker I dont think i would have any female friends available as they all work so would mean they take time off. Jobey i didnt realise husband could go with me for discussion process etc as last time i wasn’t given that option, just sent from one room to the other by myself. Ultimately i guess whatever the outcome it will be shared with my daughter anyway, but just would have made more sense sharing that info with her (and my son) together as a family. Thanks for input x