over Christmas my breast started hurting and I put it down to picking up something heavy like the Christmas tree box. I ignored it as I have pains now and then, I went to the doctors in February the nurse examined it and recommend I tried ibuprofen for two weeks and if no better let her know and she’d refer me, sadly it didn’t go away. 

It hurts when I breathe in, I’m unable to wear any bra (including a new one)  the pain in under my bust and on the top. I recently had a wet patch on my tops a few days in a row, my breast feels tender and heavy than the other.

I have been writing everything in a diary 

I’m 36


is it normal to worry?

what happens at a breast clinic? I have been given a consultant.

What do I need to take? If you have been did you think I should have brought ———

Thank you in advance 

Hi Purple garden

I cant offer you much advise but I to am suffering from breast pain, im post ** menopause and 54. Ive had to go breast clinic before where I had an examination, mammogram and ultrasound this was back in September. I also have been having tiny bits of blood coming from my nipple which the consultant offered me a duct excision but I didn’t want it doing.**

Fast forward to now and I went for my screening mammogram Thursday just gone, it was ok but an hour after I was in a great deal of pain which lasted for hours. In all honesty I shouldn’t have gone for my screening one as im at breast clinic Thursday coming but I have to do things at my own pace and have informed the breast unit that I had it done.

You are bound to feel anxious and nervous it is a stressful time and I think our mind can go into overdrive thinking this and that.

I didn’t take anything with me last time apart from my phone so I could sit and play a game while I was waiting but to be honest I wasn’t waiting to long but maybe you could take a magazine to read?

I hope ive helped a little x

Hi purplegarden- and welcome to this forum, I’m glad you’ve found it and hope you will find support here. You’ve already had a lovely reply from pearl18.

You might want to consider calling the lovely nurses on here, phone number at the top right of this page, as they will be able to discuss and advise on your medical questions - whereas most of us on here aren’t medically trained.

However, we can help you with questions about the clinic or anxiety. I agree totally with pearl18 that it is normal to worry when we find a change with our bodies, but you have done the right thing in getting medical advice. Do you have a date yet for your appointment at the clinic? When I went I remember there was a lot of waiting. First I was examined by a doctor, then a wait until a mammogram then another wait until my ultrasound. A phone is a good idea but I would also suggest a book or magazine, something easy to concentrate on though, as you may not get signal in the clinic.

Please do ask if you have any specific questions you think of, or just chat if we can help you through the waiting time. Try to keep in mind that most breast changes are harmless - and as one of the other community champions (Shi) says “you don’t have cancer until someone diagnoses you”. Do you have a favourite activity that can help take your mind off things while you wait? Most of all, do try to stay away from Dr Google as he really doesn’t know your situation and can end up scaring you.

My very best wishes to you, Evie xx