Referred for Further Tests after first Mammogram

Hi Everyone

I’m Cath and I’m 50.

I recently had my first mammogram and mentioned to the lady doing it that I had felt a lump in one breast and that the other breast was significantly bigger (happened relatively recently) than the other. I’m recovering from spinal surgery and live with a number of other health issues. Anyway, I’ve received a letter asking me to go for further tests at an assessment clinic. There is a history of breast cancer on my Dads side of the family and of Ovarian cancer on my mums side. I’m working myself up and thinking the worst and just wanted to come on here for a chat/ advice etc. Thanks for reading.


Try not to go there. Getting checked out further after your first mammogram is depressingly common. It’s because they have nothing to compare to so any little thing has to be looked at. Diagnostic mammograms overwhelmingly bring positive news so if you can put it out of your mind until you get there, I would highly advise it. There is no preparing for bad news anyway. It doesn’t make you feel better that you anticipated it when it actually happens. And in your case it’s way too soon to anticipate anything.


Thank you for replying. I know you’re right and doing my best not to worry but I have moments when I can’t help it. Tonight I put it out of my mind with a Chris Hemsworth film and gin :slight_smile:


Do that. And also, as much help as we can be here, avoid us for now :slight_smile: It will not be helpful to your frame of mind to be constantly reminded. If you need us afterwards come back. But chances are high you won’t. And remember this shit is all part of being older. Nothing stays black and white in regards to our health. But we have good doctors, we follow up, and we have good treatments if crap happens. You’re doing everything right.

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Hi. I’m glad you went! Try not to worry. They could just want to look at something more clearly. I had to go back once, and it was a swollen lymph node. I’ll be thinking of you.

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Hi @cathchee

So sorry that this has come up when you’re just recovering from something else - unfortunately it’s often the case isn’t it ? You feel like someone’s kicking you when you’re already down.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be writing this because @Kay0987 is correct in that this isn’t the time to immerse yourself in this world and hopefully you won’t have to. People are called back for second screenings all the time but when they are negative they often don’t talk about it .

Waiting for tests and results is often the hardest part of the process - there are many posts on this forum to attest to this . All I can say is - keep busy , try to take a day at a time , talk to a good friend - but don’t tell everyone . I found that if I could do something I loved it the morning that it helped to sustain me in the evening when which was when I seemed to be at my lowest . Mindfulness abdominal breathing ( check it out on YouTube) and Yoga can all help . It would be a waste of time telling you not to worry but if your mind wants to go off down a rabbit hole try to be aware of that and bring it back to the here and now.

Maybe I don’t need to tell you all this cos it sounds like you’re doing a pretty good job with Chris Hemsworth and the gin

Sending love
Joanne. X

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Hi Cath,

Welcome to the forum, we hope you find it a helpful and supportive place, and we’re sorry to hear what you’re going through - waiting for further tests is a worrying time.

Please do have a look through the various boards and topics to find those going through similar experiences or for places you may be able to share your experiences and knowledge.

This is a very supportive place, so please do ask any questions you may have.

Sending love :heart:


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Getting further checks means they are being thorough. Try not to worry, there may be a simple explanation. Either way, you will be looked after by the breast care teams. Hope alk turns out to be ok. X

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So they did a biopsy and I’m just waiting for the results. It’s been two weeks so far. I’m actually a lot less worried than the initial appointment. Thanks for all your messages.