Referred for MRI following mammogram, ultrasound and FNA

Hi everyone,


I’m a first time poster and came on here to look for similar experiences and can’t find anything quite like this.  


I was recalled to the breast clinic following a routine mammogram (first one for me).  At the breast clinic (a one-stop variety I think) I had a (in this order of events) further mammogram, ultrasound, mammogram, ultrasound, needle aspiration to aspirate was was thought to be a cyst, further mammogram. At the end of the appointment the consultant told me that that there was an area of ‘dense breast tissue’ which they wanted a better look at and have now referred me to MRI with contrast and she didn’t think it was BC but needed to rule it out.


I am now of course terrified of the MRI and also the possibility that whatever has been spotted is BC. I’m preparing myself for the worst but hop8ng for the best. I haven’t been able to discuss my fears with friends and family as I don’t want to worry them. Work is getting suspicious as i’ve been having time off when which is unheard of for me in the four years I’ve been there.


My appointment is on Tuesday but I’m assuming I won’t get the results immediately? Any guesses how long I might need to wait? The waiting is torture and I can’t make plans for anything until I know.



Hello and welcome to the forum.  This is obviously a very scary time for you as you do not know what, if anything, you are dealing with.  Try to keep in mind that as this was the first mammogram you have had they do not have any previous images in which to compare so they want to be absolutely sure that it is not bc, there are a lot of benign breast conditions that it could be, they are the experts and do not just deal with cancer.  The majority of ladies who are recalled after a mammogram do not have bc.


When you go on Tuesday ask them how long they think it will be before you will get your results so that you have some idea.


Is there no one at work that you trust with whom you can talk to about what you are gon through at the moment so that they can give you support there.  If you dont normally have time off with sickness they are bound to be concerned about you.


I am sending you a pair of our virtual tough pants that we send to ladies who are struggling, they have very deep pockets so that we can all be in them holding your hands, and hopefully they will make you smile, I promise they are freshly laundered.


Come on here whenever you need to as you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies who know exactly what you are going through.  If you want to let us know how you get on Tuesdau we will be thinking about you.


Helena xxx



Hi Lee,

it’s always difficult going through this. It’s routine to the team, but not to us, of course!  

It doesn’t feel like it, but they are being thorough & it’s good you’ve been referred for an mri as dense breast tissues does not show up clearly on other imaging techniques. 

It sounds like nothing untoward has been found so far, but they do have to be sure. It could be a lot worse if they didn’t get to the bottom of it now. 

I’m not sure about timescales for results, as the scan has to be read & reported on, maybe a week or two, but do check with the team. 

There’s nothing you can do now & although it’s easier said than done, it can help to contain anxiety by carrying on as normal & keeping busy. No amount of anxiety will change the outcome & chances are, all’s well anyway. 

ann x