Referred for MRI

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, but wanted to post as I need to talk as I’m worried.
I noticed a flat sort or dent in my left breast, but only when I lifted my arm, which really worried me as I had seen a news article about dents in breasts being a sign of BC. I tried to get an appointment with my GP but it’s over a two week wait just to get into see my GP. So I decided to pay for a private appointment…I put it on my credit card and not told my partner how much it cost as he would be angry. Anyway I went to a private breast clinic today that were amazing and so quick. They saw the dent and described it as puckering. I had two Mammograms, the first one wasn’t a great image as my breast tissue is dense so they needed to do another one. I then also had an ultrasound. So results were, the doctor could not feel a lump and the mammograms and ultrasounds were also clear. Amazing I thought I’m okay! However, as my breast tissue is dense I was told there could be the chance the cause of the puckering is not being picked up. I’m guessing that means cancer not showing up. I can’t afford it to pay for an MRI so I need to get referral from my GP and so need to phone tomorrow and beg for an earlier appointment. I so wanted to be reassured at a clear mammogram and ultrasound, but the more I Google more worried I am that I need a MRI. It’s a contrast one which I’m not so sure what that is. I have a little daughter and can’t face being ill or not being around for her. I know I have to wait for the MRI and I know no one can diagnose here, I just don’t know where to turn, I’m so worried

Hi, I’m sorry you are having to deal with this worry, you always hope that after an appointment you can walk away with an answer which ever way it swings. This unfortunately doesnt always happen when you go private as anything further needs to be paid for so ladies often end up being reffered back through the NHS. I was going to use my company private health insurance but my GP advised me against it as it’s not always the fastest route , turns out I had my lump removed quicker on the NHS than I would have done privately so it was good advise! 


You may have to start again and have a clinic referral first before an MRI is done, I know it all seems like such a wait but in reality it does happen pretty quick , try not to run too far ahead of yourself and imagine the worst as further tests could come back clear but it’s best to get it checked out or you will never rest. 

Jo Xx 

Thank you jobey68 I really appreciate your reply. I called my GP surgery this morning. Still no appointments available, I explained what I needed the appointment for and they said the best they can do is get the senior nurse to call me at some point today. I keep telling myself that both mammogram and ultrasound were clear, but I can’t shake the worry of what they said about dense breast tissue and that the cancer could be ‘hiding’. I am worried I as you said that I might have to go through the initial scans again, I just panicked and thought I need to see someone straight away. Going to try and remaining positive, just not good with waiting. Thank you again for your reply I do appreciate it.

No call from the nurse, I called the receptionist three times today asking if I would get a call and reassured that I would but nothing. I told them that I had been to a breast clinic and that I needed a referral but nothing. I think I just need to remember that I’m not the only one with health issues and need to wait my turn, but just so worried. I’ve been in tears tonight and stupidly Googling puckering of the breast and it’s just keeps coming up with BC and how other ladies lumps didn’t show until the MRI. I want to get my referral. Sorry i know I’m being very self absorbed. This is just so scary, my Dad died when he was 44 of cancer and I think that is why I am so scared. Thank you so much again for your replies, I really appreciate it. I still have my appointment for 14th May, so will hold on to that, I know everyone else has to wait so I think it just need to calm down!

You are not being self absorbed love this is a really frightening time for you, not knowing and speculating is in some ways harder than getting an actual diagnosis in my experience. 

As you already have an appointment at the clinic I would focus on that as they will refer you for an MRI if they feel you need one, things will happen quickly if they need to and you won’t be left having to sort it out yourself.


Jo Xx 

I called again this morning and managed to get an appointment at 9.10am this morning, so fingers crossed!x

Doctor said he is going to refer me ASAP, he said it would be for the MRI but they may want to scan me again. I’ve spent all day Googling and looking at forums, there are so many ladies saying that they had similar experiences with BC being missed by the Mammogram and Ultrasound and then picked up by the MRI, so I am imagining the worst. I keep looking for other people’s experiences to say it turned out to be nothing but can’t find it. I hate this period of waiting and feeling in limbo. I start a new job next week I just hope they are okay with me when I need to take time off the the scan.

I just wanted to update on how things are going. I managed to get in to see my GP who has referred me. My appointment is this Thursday, I have been referred under the two week wait and it’s not clear if I am going to get the MRI I want or have to have the Mammogram and US again, I’m going to call tomorrow to try and find out. This waiting is horrible. I’ve been good to stay away from Google, but decided to read forums again last night, which is a bad idea i know but I guess I was looking for some comfort. Everything I read about a dent in the breast when flexing muscles is more than likely BC. I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the worst. Although apart from reading stories that seem to confirm my worst fears, there are so many inspirational women out there fighting this horrible disease and remaining positive throughout.

Hi Worried,
You’ve done all you possibly can & you were right to go for the mri, so just let the clinic sort you out.
There’s nothing more you can do now, so try to step away from google, apart from here of course, as any breast change will always lead to bc, when the reality is, it mostly isn’t & it will only feed your anxiety.
Easier said than done, we’ve all been there, but try not to think beyond the appointment, it’s not possible to second guess anything & you will deal with whatever comes out of it. We all do.
Chances are all’s way anyway, it usually is.
ann x

Thanks ever so much for your replies, I’ve not told anyone close to me (apart from my partner) what is going on, so it’s really nice to be able to talk about it with people that understand. My partner bless him is trying to help, but can seem to say the right thing, I don’t think there is a right thing to say so I think I need to stop crying and ranting at him bless him. I had a bad day yesterday but feeling more positive today. I called the hospital today and the nurse said they are aware I had the US and Mammogram privately, but the doctor may want to do them again, as you have all mentioned in your posts. I just hope I can have the MRI, as I know if they said I didn’t need it I wouldn’t be able to cope! Thanks ever so much for your support and time taken to reply to me, it is so much appreciated, especially as you have all been/ going through your own journeys with this. I will keep you updated with how it goes on Thursday x

Had my appointment at the hospital this morning and thankfully they have referred me straight for an MRI (although I wished the MRI would have been today) not sure when it will be, it could be within the next two weeks. Unfortunately no other comments from the consultant, just ‘let’s have the MRI and then wait for results’. So, good that I will have my MRI, but not so great that it is more waiting time. I just want to know now if it’s good or bad and then I can deal with it or move on, just feel like life is on hold at the moment. Hope you are all okay, and thanks again for the support. x

Hi Sunflower,

Thanks for your message, I hope you appointment goes okay tomorrow and you get the start date through soon. My MRI is booked for tomorrow morning and is one with the contrast. I have only had to wait a week for the appointment but it feels like so much longer. So tomorrow will be to find out the cause of the dent/flattening/puckering on my breast, I’ve read so much information on different forums, that it could just be a breast change or it could be cancer that is hidden under the density of my breast tissue pulling the skin in. I don’t think I will get the results tomorrow so will then have to wait again for them to come through. So much waiting! One thing did make me laugh about this whole process…the amount of different men I have had fondling my breasts over the last few weeks, most action I’ve had in ages…if I don’t laugh I will cry! xx

Hello, would anyone be able to advise how long it takes for MRI results to come through? My MRI was on Friday and I’ve been informed that that results will be discussed at a MDT meeting and then I will know. Just wondering how long that takes x

Hi there

Have you got another appointment with your consultant? You will get the results then. If your area is the same as mine they only have the MDT once a week so can only see you after that. Sorry if it’s not much help and means more waiting… Rebecca

…still waiting for my MRI results :-(. Called the hospital today, told that my results have gone to consultant but the secretary could not tell me over the phone what they were, I think she could see them :frowning: Said she would call back to let me know when I will receive them…heard nothing further.