Referred for Ultrasound - refused ultrasound- still have breast issues. Very confused and worried!!


I am 27 have no kids and no immediate family history of breast cancer. I’ve never paid it much thought but during a routine check of my breasts back in May I felt a small lump in my right breast. I waited until after my period incase it was hormonal but as it stayed there I got myself to my GP in June.

She did a very thorough breast examination and identified the lump I felt plus another round my side of breast I missed. She advised it’s most likely cysts but referred me for ultrasound as a safe measure. I was happy with this.

July I had my appointment at a hospital in Glasgow. The consultant came in examined me then asked some family history questions. She demanded to know why I had come to her, that I was normal and she wouldn’t do the ultrasound. That was that.

Ever since then, and I know this sounds daft, but my breasts just don’t feel right. I still have those lumps in my right breast but for the past 2-3 months the pain, heaviness and discomfort in my left breast is unbearable. I can feel 2 lumps in this above the nipple, a couple weeks ago my nipple looked white in colour (no discharge or skin changes) the pain is unbelievable it’s radiating from my arm pit down across my breasts.

I understand that it’s unlikely to be cancer given the pain symptoms etc but since 2013 I’ve been a bit more breast conscious as a close friend in her early 30s was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

I don’t know what to do, I am unhappy in hindsight that the consultant did not do the ultrasound. Even if I knew I had cysts or just really lumpy boobs I could deal with it. This is driving me nuts, my bf has felt them too so I know they are there.

Any advice? Don’t want to harass or waste their time but I know my body and my boobs do not feel normal to me. But how to explain that to a doctor?!

Thanks in advance


My advise would be go back to your GP with your new symptoms and ask to be referred again. Your experience is awful, I have been to the breast clinic on 4 separate occasions when I was in my forties, once I had a thickening, twice cysts and the forth occasion there was nothing abnormal. I was always given an ultrasound and on 3 of the occasions a mammogram first. Each time I was told to go to my GP and ask to be referred again if I was ever concerned. That is how you should have been treated. You may have cysts or developed lumpy boobs and as you say, probably not cancer - but your mind needs to set at rest.
I do have breast cancer now - totally unrelated to my previous visits for cysts etc, (I don’t want to scare you) and again, I’ve been treated really well.
Make a fuss! I find crying opens doors!! Wishing you lots of luck for a satisfactory explanation xxx

Amanda, please go back to your GP and demand to be referred this time to one of the other doctors in the Breast Clinic.They cannot possibly say for sure that it is nothing unless they have done an ultrasound.If you are in pain and discomfort it IS SOMETHING ,very probably not cancer but you should not have been treated in that way.Go back tomorrow if you haven’t done already and let us know how you get on.Jill