Referred....not sure if it's wasting their time

Hi all,

I’ve been referred to breast clinic under 2ww…

Mine doesn’t really sound like anyone else’s experiences.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed a bump next to my areola area and thought it might be a spot or a bite but it didn’t go away. Over the next few weeks it seems to merge with the areola making my areola look a funny shape. It doesnt hurt or itch and is really tiny… Feels like a tiny hard grain of sand between my fingers.

Saw my doctor two weeks ago and she said it was very unusual and called another doc who said the same. They gave me some antibiotic/steroid cream to try and asked me to come back in a week. I went back last week and she referred me under 2ww…haven’t heard anything yet.

It’s not really a lump as so small and doesn’t really fit any of the other symptoms that people worry about (dimpling, rash, etc). She did mention pagets but I’ve Googled and it doesn’t sound like that.

Anyone ever had anything similar?

Thanks all. X



Hello and welcome to the forum.  It is not wasting their time as any breast change should be checked out, it does not mean that it is breast cancer as the breast clinics deal with benign breast conditions as well.


Let us know how you get on


Helena xxx

Thanks ?

Appointment has come through for next weds so keeping everything crossed that it’s just a weird thing and nothing more x

Just wanted to update after my appointment…

The clinic process was really smooth and I couldn’t have had better treatment.

The breast nurse practitioner listened to my concerns and examined me. She could see what I was talking about but immediately put me at ease. She referred me for an ultrasound scan (it’s a one stop clinic). The consultant scanned and said she could see a small cyst but not one that spread down into breast tissue so nothing to be tested. I then went back to wait in clinic to discuss results.

I was called back in and the nurse went over the scan report and said reassuring about cycst. She said that the crusting, weeping nipple skin was probably nothing but wanted to review. I’m to use a different cream and go back in a month.

All in all, a positive experience and they reassured me that I wasn’t wasting their time.

I know that not everyone in the waiting room will have been as lucky as me with their outcome today and that is quite sobering.

Thanks for the advice x