Referred to Occupational Health

I hope someone can reassure me! I was diagnosed 2yrs ago, 2 tumours in left breast and 3underarm. I had 6 rounds of chemo, two lots of surgery ( wle and anc) 3wks rads. This all took place in 2013. I was on herceptin until march 2014 as It had an effect on my heart function so I had some breaks in the cycles. I also started Letrozole. In june 2014 i went on to annual checkups. I had some lipofilling last year which took @ four weeks to recover from and next week I am going in for another “fill”
On top of all that, i hace Crohns disease and after the chemo finished, as the onc warned me, it flared up with a vengeance and it took the gastro people about a year to finally get it under control- I had numerous colonoscopies, and several tries with various drugs until finally in July 2014 i was started on a drug which has ti be administered via IV and I go to the hospital every eight weeks to get this. It is a immuno-suppresant drug.
I am really struggling mentally as I feel it is only now I have had time to start processing what has happened to me. I am trying to do everything to keep well but I still get really tired and have low days.
i just dont feel ready to go back yet, but I feel so guilty! II am still being paid half pay ( per my contract) and have had “checkins” with my employer every 4mths or so via the group disability provider, who has also got my consent to access my med records. Now HR have referred me to Occ Health and I have to have a telephone consultation with a random doctor next week. I am terrified! My job is very stressful, and I was off with stress a few months before dx. I am so scared that I will be made to go back before Im ready, in reality Id like to pack in my job, but I am hoping they might offer ill health retirement. I dont know how realistic this is. Can anyone help? I feel all over the place! Sorry for post/rant!

Hi Jintyb

In my experience occupational health are on the side of the employee not the employer, and you are covered by the disability act.
I returned to work after having 6 months sick on full pay, I could have had another 6 months at half pay but decided to go back on a phased return starting at 2 half days per week and rising to full time (4 days) by half a day per week. Once up to 4 days I found that was too much so I have just agreed with management to reduce again to 3 days until mid April when we will take a view together, as long as you keep everyone in the loop re your medical conditions you shouldn’t have any problems.

Good luck

Wendy x

Hi Jintyb - I started a similar thread under the *living with breast cancer heading" I have had several replies there - if you use the search option top right you may find my post & the responses. I have yet to hear how my workplace will respond to the OH recommendations, but have such fatigue that I suspect my return to full time work may be more prolonged than the experiences posted there by others. The journeying is one back to health, sometimes I think I am pushing too hard to my own detriment, but to another who is fit & well it must seem stupidly slow. I am progressing at the pace the fatigue permits me to.