Referred to the breast clinic, freaking out!

I went to the Gp last Wednesday and I told her I think I feel a lump just under my nipple, she felt both boobs and said my right boob feels more glandular and lumpy. She said she’s gonna send me to the breast clinic for a urgent referral seen as I have also come to the gp twice now. I’m having a total melt down! I also have health anxiety and this is sending me into depression. My appointments come through for Thursday, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping anymore.

Thank you for listening to me ramble

Hi Jazmin,

Honestly, the vast majority of urgent referrals turn out to be nothing serious, but only the breast clinic can sort it out, which is why we tend to get referred under the ‘2 week rule.’ That is what should happen for investigation of any breast change & it means it gets sorted out quickly.

For the vast majority of women, especially younger women, any breast change is usually due to a commonplace reason, with bc being the Least likely.

There’s no getting away from it, it is always an anxious wait but it can help to try & carry on as normal, keep busy & avoid general googling of symptoms as this only heightens anxiety for no good reason.

You have done all you need to for now & if you want to, let us know how you get on.

ann x


@ann Thank you for replying back to me, I feel like I might just faint when I get to the breast clinic on Thursday or burst into tears that’s how nervous I am.
I told my mum and now she’s super worried and is insisting on coming with me, I want her to come but I also don’t want to trouble her. My prayers will always be with all those going through with this dreadful disease.

I thought I’d come back here and let anyone who maybe looked through my post that the appointment went well. Thank the lord it was all ok. The consultant said it was glandular tissue and she couldn’t feel anything abnormal, but she said I did a good think for checking just incase.

Thanks for letting us know, Jasmine, it’s good for others to see.
ann x

Hi jazmin.

I have just read your post and I am glad you received good news.i noticed you said you suffer from health anxiety I to suffer from health anxiety and with my referral to the breast clinic for Thursday I’m going out of my mind with worry.I just wondered if you mentioned your health anxiety at the clinic? My mum seems to think a lot of my symptoms could be caused by stress/anxiety? If so did they have any insight into this?