Reflexology!!! Hot spot in my good breast

Hi just wondering what to do if anything, I had reflexology today first time since being DX back in 2009, the thing is she said she could feel something in my “good” breast, also my spine and hip!

Should i be alarmed by this, she kept a chart and told me to go back in a months time.

Am i concerned over nothing, how accurate are they? Sorry to sound green but not too sure myself what to do if anything.

Love Teresa x

Hi muffett,

I’m no expert, but I do like alternative therapies, HOWEVER, I would say that whilst they do have their place they are complementary therapies and not as conventionally scientific as traditional medicine. Practitioners vary too. The main role is to treat and help you rather than diagnose.

I think what I’m trying to say in my rambling way is please try not too worry or be too upset by this as I don’t see how the therapist could make any significant diagnosis. I actually think they should have been more careful / explained what they meant.

Did she take a full medical history?Therapists don’t give diagnosis as such just general feelings they’ve got, you really shouldn’t have been put in position where you feel vulnerable. Maybe a different reflexologist would suit you better?

You’re not green, maybe some clarification from the reflexologist would help. I’m not sure I’d do anything other than that, however, if you are feeling troubled a word with your BCN for reassurance or a quick phone call to BCC helpline might put your mind at rest.

With very best wishes to you and hope you feel less anxious, Julie x

Hmm… I admit first of all that I’m a bit of a cynic with a lot of alternative therapies, but reflexology can be very relaxing AS A BLOOMIN’ GOOD FOOT RUB AND NOTHING MORE. I have a friend who is now “qualified” as a reflexologist, after a 3=month course. So diagnostics in the manner you describe do sound a little suspect, in my view. But like I said, I am very cynical about that kind of thing. Sounds like she’s trying to reel you in if she’s “advised” you to come back and see her in a month. By all means do, but only if you want a good foot rub. Or better still, go and see someone else who’s not going to diagnose your boobs based on your feet!

Do you have any follow-ups scheduled? If it would put your mind at rest, get them to check you out on the bits she mentioned. Not sure if things are different in Spain.

would a genuine person really give you that sort of worry. A genuine person may advise you to seek further advise in a tactful way.