Relationship ending

HI ladies…have any of you ended your relationship after treatment? I feel I will be ending mine soon x

Hi Rachy

I’ve replied to you on the Just been diagnosed thread 

Sue xx

Dis you mean you have replied this Sue?..I can’t find it xx

Hi Sue …sorry Ive just seen it…wow!!..that’s really inspired me…I know he wants out as he keeps bring so cruel…making me feel I’m cracking up…he just wanted me when I was his good time girl…not a lady burdened with all of this xx

Rachy, how are you this morning?
Sue xx

Hi Sue…sorry only just gone online…I’m feeling a bit better. I spoke to my Bc nurse today and she said she quite confident that the cancar gas gone…but small risk as onco outlined…so I’m gonna try and move forward with my life. .still not sure about relationship at the mo…this **bleep** proper changes everything doesn’t it,? I worry if I’m ill in the future and Im by myself xx

I’m glad you’re feeling abit better.
Difficult decision I know, but you won’t be on your own if you have family and friends xx

Hi Rachy,
I’m lucky in that I have a lovely OH, but what going through this has brought home to me is that fear of being unwell & on my own as you say. You are not alone in that feeling, irrespective of being in a relationship or not.
Sadly, sometimes others don’t deal well with life not being sunshine & lollipops all the time, so at least you can do what’s best for you & move onto better things.
ann x

I’m really struggling I’m 30 and just gone threw my second diagnosed and treatment for breast cancer, I had reacurrence 3 months after a double mastectomy… me and my partner of 5 years don’t get on anymore it feels as though everything is so deep and negative I get paranoided afraid and scared and he gets angry… I just don’t no what to do anymore I feel so lonely and afraid and not good enough… is their really life after cancer

Thanks jobey68 I never new it would be such a hard road and your right putting yourself first should be a priority it’s just so hard to love yourself again after everything :frowning: I’m just hoping things get threw better then what they are now. The feelings are sometimes unbearable but I’m trying to take each day as they come… hopefully things will look up just need to remember to be strong


Hi rachy how are things? I’ve only just been diagnosed and feel my relationship is not going to well hope your ok

Hi Charlie ,welcome to the forum .This certainly does put relationships under extreme stress and maybe highlight issues that were already there but you could kind of gloss over when you are well .Very stressful time of year too. Do you have good support from friends /family ?