Relief at last

I’ve suffered with anxiety way before my breast cancer but it had got so bad over the last six months I felt like stopping  everything. I had switched hormone tablets and antidepressants and hit rock bottom, nothing helped.

a week ago on advice from my breast nurse whom I had called in desperation suggested mirtazipine. I called my doctor and asked and he started me on them and no lie the next day I had no anxiety and havent since. Why I have never been offered this before! The best I’ve felt in years. Maybe it’s a more expensive drug. If nothing is lifting your anxiety maybe worth a discussion with your doctor xxx

Thank you for sharing , great that you have got some relief , severe anxiety is so unpleasant I’ve struggled with it myself over the years .I hope the medication continues to work well for you .

I took this to help with hot flushes and insomnia - worked brilliantly but I did put over a stone on in weight in 2 months. Now taking another anti depressant and have lost half of the weight I gained.