Relochem Tamoxifen brand

Does anyone suffer bloating, constipation and pain around surgery sites, ( breast, under arm and tummy - I had a diep) whilst on relochem brand ? My stomach feels so distended, slightly crampy  too like I’m going to start a period. My moods have also been low, like bad pmt.

I was on wockhardt last year before my surgery and chemo and had minimal side effects. 
I am going to go back and try wockhardt again, if I can. I’m just not sure if it’s the relochem that’s causing these se’s or my body getting used to tamoxifen again in a different way after chemo, rads and surgery.

Any input from anyone taking relochem brand of tamoxifen would be most welcome, especially if you have the same se’s.

many thanks

Sunnydaze xx

Good morning Sunnydaze, I was on the Relonchem brand when I first started Tamoxifen last year and awful bloating and stomach pains. I switched to Wockhardt and have not had these issues since. x