Relonchem Tamoxifen

Hello, has anyone experienced low availability on this brand. It happens regularly to me and causes me anxiety. I have tried other brands but have been so emotional I’d rather not take them. My prescription is for 60 tablets and now species Relonchem but the pharmacy only had12 then gave me an IOU and took 3 weeks to get more so I was down to taking them every other day. Seems to happen regularly and I ring all the local pharmacies. 

Yes, a great distree to me too. South London area Richmond Twickenham and Kingston same problem. Phoned many pharmacies no supply of Relonchem. Called the company and they said there is no supply issue. They keep sending butches to wholesalers. 

I am at my wits end, it is the only brand that works for me. Is there anywhere I can get the Relonchem brand? 


The same has happened to me. I used to take Teva and got on really well with it, then I couldn’t get in anywhere and I fear the same is happening with Relonchem. I have awful side effects with Worchart and Tillimed, and the numerous ‘unbranded’ packs they offer as alternatives. I’ve tried 4 Pharmacy’s today, and have no Tamoxifen at the moment, which only exasperates things, as now my hormones will go off kilter because I’m not able to take it consistently.

It frustrates me that no one’s seems to understand that taking a different brand that you don’t get in with has life changing effects.

I’m in Dorchester and Southampton. I’m going to start ringing Pharmacies tomorrow