Remembering my Mum one year on.

Remembering my mum who passed away one year ago today.
Miss you mum. xxxx

Can’t believe that year has flown by already. Hope you are all doing OK, and I’m sure your Mum would be so proud of you.

Take care

Hi Wacky Racer, I lost my Mum in June last year. I miss her too. Thinking of you. Remember your Mum would not want you to mourn but to try to enjoy the days you do have with pleasure and happy memories. Hugs Val

Thinking of you, Wacky. You were a great son to your Mum and you can be proud of that.

Your Mum would be so proud of you, can’t believe it is a year since your Mum died. Thinking of you with lots of love.
Marina x

Thinking of you all.

i am also thinnking of my mom too. hope she’s in heaven now and in the hands of our god the father. I felt really sad everytime i remember her. She just always cook for us, whine for us if we do bad things and i know that she just really loved us because we are her children.



I too can’t believe it’s a year since you lost your Mum. Do hope you are coming to terms with things and are finding a new kind of ‘normal’. remember the good times and i hope the sadness has become a little less raw.
Caroline x